Monday, November 11, 2013

Knoxville Wedding Weekend!

 Last weekend found us in Knoxville, for the wedding weekend of one my best friends in the whole world, Dana! Her wedding was at the Knoxville Botanical Garden and it was gorgeous!
I love their colors at the rehearsal.
I didn't get a photo, but the garden is on the top of a hill, and has a beautiful view of the Smokey Mountains. We actually tried to get a cabin in the mountains during the week, but everything was booked up with people in town to see the leaves. And Dollywood was closed! Can you believe it?
We helped set up on Friday, the best part was putting together all the flowers. If I did my wedding over, I would do the same thing. It saves a lot of money, and it's actually fun!
I wish I had taken more photos of the house we got ready in. It is a vintage lovers dream! From the crazy marble bathrooms with pastel fixtures to the tiny metal kitchen in the basement!
I was in the ceremony (matron of honor woot woot!) and Travis forgot to take photos for me! I guess I can forgive him because he was also in charge of music. They wrote their own vows and they included Simpsons references and were so sweet, I was definitely crying! Maybe it is a good thing I don't have photos of it!
The reception was in this cool greenhouse space.
There was a different pie on each table instead of a wedding cake. Another idea I really loved! And of course I was into those pom poms too! I brought a bunch home!
It is hard to see here, but those little hoops had Mr. and Mrs. embroidered on them.
Here I am in my dress! I got it at Bettie Page, it is by Beach Bash, and I love it! I know you are dying for a close up of that brooch too....
Dana got custom brooches made for us by her friend Pudgy Dove Pottery as our bridesmaids gifts! Could mine be any more perfect? I LOVE IT! She also gave us vintage hankies, which came in handy for sure.
Here is a funny picture of Travis, in his tie made by the bride! He asked me " Did you tell me you were taking this picture?" I did! I don't know why he is so stiff!
Bride and Groom! Nick is cracking me up with that face! And how much do you love Dana's head piece? She wore a vintage tiny veil for the ceremony, and then switched for the reception!
It was a great reception, full of love and fun and DANCING!
Their first dance was to "Wild Horses". Which I have always loved since I heard it on the Buffy soundtrack. I didn't ask, but Nick is a big Buffy fan, so I'll pretend that is why he picked it.
After the reception ended around eight, we went to the after party at a cool bar called Sassy Anne's. We danced until the wee hours of the morning ( I had Travis request lots of things for me, including Whitney Houston "Dance with Somebody"). It was such a good weekend!
Congrats to my friend and her new husband!


  1. your dress is so cute! I love this broach idea! I have gotten some fab and some really generic gifts for helping out in weddings...but that one is so fun and personal! Also, maybe stealing that pie idea.

  2. you both look lovely
    urban hounds

  3. I spy my sister in one of your photographs! Small world!

  4. What a dreamy wonderful! You guys booth looked great and your friend looks a bit like Zooey Deschanel...That was the first thing I thought.

  5. Love your dress! All the table decor is completely gorgeous, too.

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  6. I LOVE the natural texture and colors. Indeed, one of the prettiest weddings I've ever seen. :) Love it.

  7. Such a pretty wedding! I love both travis's outfit (that is the skinniest floral tie I have ever seen) and yours (PUG. PIN. Talk about a thoughtful bridesmaid gift!). Congrats to your friends!!

  8. WOW! You look so beautiful. Such a love filled wedding.

  9. I was so thrilled and excited when Dana contacted me about doing your bridesmaids gifts- I'm so happy you liked them! It looks like such a lovely wedding!


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