Friday, November 8, 2013

Zoo day

 We live very close to the Nashville zoo, and I have a membership. Since we go there a lot I don't always take my camera (how many meerkat pictures can one person take really? haha) but we went the day before Halloween and I knew there would be some cute decorations out!
 Like this pumpkin pile! I love that kitty face in the top right!
This was one of Travis' vacation weeks and I was a little bummed we didn't get to go on a big trip. But it ended up being great to be in town for most of the week with no work obligations!
 Lots of the exhibits had pumpkins in them. A pumpkin in his natural habitat.
 How cute is that little ghost on the cockatoo perch!
 This was our first visit since they opened their new kangaroo walk about thing. I have never seen one at any other zoo where the kangaroos aren't all as far from the paths as possible. This guy was just lounging there waiting for us to pet him! He was so soft! Almost like a rabbit!
They do a "Ghouls at Grassmere" thing before Halloween so all the candy booths were lining the trails. Most of them have "keep out" signs on them, but this one didn't so I made Travis pose for me.
 It was a gorgeous day. Tennessee is really beautiful in the fall!
 Snow leopards!
 I always love staring at the flamingos. It was some kind of flamingo nap time when we walked by.
 Except for this creep.
 They have baby camels right now too! These two don't give you kisses (a few falls ago they had a pair that was so sweet and let you kiss them!) but they sure were cute!
 They also had some new Galapagos tortoises! They are so giant!
It was very fun! We went home and chilled on the couch for the rest of the night, which is the best. Especially when Travis doesn't have to go to bed at 8 o'clock because he works so early! I can't wait for our next vacation week!


  1. The photos/decor are gorgeous! Love all the animals and my favorite is the pumpkin creature they made, so damn cute :D !

  2. This makes me miss the zoo! Especially the Nashville Zoo. I grew up in Mt. Juliet and had numerous girl scout & school trips there. The white tigers (snow tigers?) were my favorite (and my favorite animal for the LONGEST time). Thanks for the trip down memory lane! <3

  3. Looks like a perfect day, your pics are very pretty!

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    Do you know where the product is made? I can't seem to find that on the website anywhere.

  5. I always love the zoo. Its so cool you got to peck that kangaroo. If you ever come to New York you need to check out the bronx zoo its very big and really very nice

    kate urban hounds and the old fashioned way

  6. what a very fun post!
    thank you for sending me love while I am recooping from my surgerys

  7. Wow! I have never seen a place that lets you pet Kangaroos! Count me in! I always heard that they beat the crap out of people


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