Thursday, November 7, 2013

Signs in Memphis

 I have one last little post about Memphis for you! Whenever we drive around a new town Travis always reminds me to keep my camera out to snap quick photos of old signs. I love them! I have asked him to turn around or pull over more than once! We went looking for this "Welcome to Memphis" record, and I was a little bummed the bushes were so high! Maybe I should carry shears with me to!
 Cute! I wonder if when it lights up it looks like the water is dripping on the right.
 This cutie is on top of Atomic Pest Control! Look at that big cheese!
 I'll pull over for a good mural too!
 Or a trailer painted like a pig. Not old but kind of crappy and funny.
 This one was the best! All the arms of the starburst rotate! I kind of wish we'd pulled over and taken video. It was so cool!
 And this was the funniest one we saw. Look at those toes! And imagine the body pose it would take to get that shot. Haha! So fancy!
We saw this boat on the way home, it seemed like the perfect farewell from Memphis! We had a great time Memphis! See you again soon!


  1. Hey, Rae! I grew up in Memphis. The Joe's Liquor starburst neon sign has always been spectacular, although it was rusty and in disrepair when I was a kid and teenager. Then around the late nineties it was rehabbed and then the bursts moved around again. Good work!

  2. That starburst sign is fantastic! We drove past one like that in Minnesota and I dang near wrecked the car to get a better look at it.

  3. Aw man! Jerome is loathe to pull over and I wouldn't even think about askin him to go back!!
    Travis deserves a medal ;) Well, Jerome does too, but not for bein like me. We're so toally different but I love him like cola loves peanuts!
    I just spent an hour alone out in a nearby town takin pictures of the beautiful vintage signs and murals. I go to this town once a week on business and almost wreck every time tryin to look at everything. Finally got it out of my system....

  4. My favorite is the pig airstream..........The nose is so haphazard :)


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