Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Memphis: The Non Elvis Edition

Believe it or not, we made some time to do some non-Elvis related stuff while we were in Memphis. Of course we stopped by Flashback, which is a pretty incredible vintage store! They have AMAZING stuff!
 Isn't that cute? I love the plant too!
I loooooove that tv lamp! And the framed Elvis record.
 I really love that owl Kron lamp too! Wouldn't it look great with your Halloween decorations? I have a lamp like that already that is a pug and a poodle with the creepy glowing eyes.
 These wig heads are pretty amazing too. Those jewel eyes!
 We ate lunch at a vegan place called Imagine. I was so excited to see that there was a fully vegan place in Memphis! Last time we were in town we had a hard time finding anything we could eat. Yay!
 The place is mostly vegan junkfood, which is all right with me! We had their pig in a blanket appetizer and they were so good!! Probably my favorite part of the meal! Travis had a pretty good vegan peanut butter banana milkshake, too.
 I got their "Vegan Memphis" meal, because I LOVE a BBQ sandwich! It had coleslaw on it, and was delicious! So were the fries. The beans were weirdly sweet though. I only ate a few bites.
 Travis got the chicken fried steak with three sides: mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and corn casserole. Remember when all we used to eat where these yellow meals? Ha! It was all good! I liked the corn casserole best. We wanted to try the dessert (they have vegan brownie sundaes and banana splits!) but we were just too full! We'll definitely be back when were in town for Travis' family Christmas.
 Another place we visited was a cat rescue called House of Mewes. Travis' aunt and uncle told us about it. They are cat lovers too!
 This little kitty was so sweet and played with me through the cage for a long time!
 There were 85 cats in the building when we visited. You can probably imagine what that was like. We kept our visit short!
 I love that Travis is into cats. Here he is trying to read the name on her collar. I think this was Claudia! How cute is that?
 Those buckets for beds are such a good idea! We are going to look for a few like that for around our house, I KNOW our cat Scampi will love it!
 Of course we had to stop by the local Whole Foods so I could look at their Whole Body section for ideas. I liked that they had a little photo op site with their pumpkins!
 I don't know how I never knew Memphis had a drive in! There aren't any within 45 minutes of Nashville. Such a bummer because the drive in rules! I love how cheap it is, and how you can sit in your cozy car and eat tons of snacks you brought in. We brought a vegan cake! And fancy root beer!
 We saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 because it was the only thing that seemed ok. I ended up loving it! It was so freaking cute! Now I want to rent the first one. My favorite part was when you see the little marshmallow families. I think I squealed out loud, it was so cute.


  1. Elvis, corn casserole, cats, and drive ins! What a fun trip!

  2. OMG! So many cats. I want to pat them all. Hehehe

  3. That vintage store looked so fun, but not gonna lie...those wig heads scared the bejebus out of me! Holy hell! Something about Jewel eyes always unsettle me. I think I had a my little pony when I was little that had jewel eyes, and I never trusted it.

    1. i had a jewel eyed pony too! and i remember they weren't see through jewels, they were painted some kind of metallic rainbow color and were spooky!

  4. I'd say you had a great time!!

  5. that place with 85 cats looks awesome however I can see how you might not want to stay forever, but still very cool

    urban hounds

  6. That movie looks so cute and it was probably 10 times better seeing it at the drive-in! There is one about 45 minutes from us...maybe I should talk the hubby into going again.
    That owl lamp is super cool, but scary as hell at the same time. And the wig heads...why? Hahaha!


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