Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Heartbreak Hotel and Sun Studios!

I have an aunt that lives in Memphis who we usually stay with her when we visit. But I have always wanted to stay in the Heartbreak Hotel across from Graceland, so we decided to treat ourselves and stay there for our weekend trip!

For some reason I only took one photo of the lobby, but it was the most "on theme" part of the hotel. Look at those drapes! And you can see they are playing an Elvis movie on that cute tv. They have a channel playing only Elvis movies! That is all we watched for the entire weekend! I loved it!
The fitness center had cute framed photos of Elvis in his Kid Gallahad roll.
There were almost no actual vintage touches in the hotel, except this rad lamp in front of the elevator on our floor. I wanted to stick it in my suitcase! I've been lamp crazy lately!
Our room was just a basic hotel room, with an Elvis picture over the bed. It was a little disappointing, but the room was fine. They have themed suites which look amazing and you can see here. They are $500 a night though! Dang!
Downstairs there is a tiny "Jungle Room" that is just a bar. I wish they would have really followed through with the theme and made it look like the jungle room at Graceland!
At night they screened concert footage in the dining room. We had cocktails and watched Aloha From Hawaii on Saturday night. It was pretty great!
I wished I had the address of a fellow pug lover so I could have sent them this dorky postcard!
And for some reason I was in love with this painted light pole. It looks so cruddy and homemade, compared to how slick and polished Graceland is now. I'm surprised it hasn't been painted over!
In all the times we have visited Memphis, we had never been on the Sun Studio tour! We usually come during Elvis week in the summer and the tours are all booked, so we jumped at the chance to take a look inside.
While waiting for our tour to start we looked at all the cute photos in the alley.
The tour was ok. We went on the Motown Museum tour in the spring and it was so amazing it might have tainted us. It was fun seeing all the old head shots of memerobilia too.
I loved this picture of young Elvis at the fair!
I'll take that photo album, too.
My favorite moment of the tour was when a middle aged man pointed out this photo to his wife and daughter and said "Do you know who that is?" His wife said "Johnny Cash?" and he answered "Of course, look at those eyes! He always had the most BEAUTIFUL eyes!" It was cute.
Here I am being a dork and singing into the Elvis microphone. That little tape spot on the floor is where Elvis stood when he recorded "That's Alright Mama." Historic!
As our souvenir we bought this Million Daughter Quartet cd! I had never heard of it, but I love it! Not long after Elvis was sold to another label he came back to visit and jammed with Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. They didn't know they were being recorded and are just goofing off and singing songs they like. I love it!


  1. SO much kitschy cuteness! Love it all! :D

  2. I need to go to Memphis. I haven't been since I was a child and went to the zoo.

  3. Super cool pics.

    The Million Dollar Quartet is a great listen/

  4. Sun Studio!? Ahh I'm jealous.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

  5. I own one of those weird Elvis recipe postcards

    1. do you have the recipe book? I love it because it's called "Are You Hungry Tonight?" haha!


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