Friday, January 31, 2014



reading: I just started a new series by Gail Carriger. It is YA and about a finishing school for girls who are going to be spies/assasins. I love it so far!
watching: We discovered the British series An Idiot Abroad and are OBSESSED! It is a travel documentary but the star, Karl Pilkington is not interested in travel and hates everything. Ricky Gervais sends him to the seven wonders of the world in the first series. It is so hilarious. Check it out of you have Netflix!
thinking about: Budgeting! We are really into that right now. Travis' car just died (again!) and we've decided to become a one car household (for a while at least.) So he got a bus pass and swears he likes it so far. We've been using the "Home Budget" app and I highly recommend it. It is like using the envelope system but you don't have to have cash and it syncs up between our phones. We've been using it for two months and have already been able to save a significant amount. 
anticipating: Hopefully going to see a college production of Dreamgirls at TSU tomorrow! And going to see our nephew Ellis in February. We don't have any solid big travel plans yet this year so I'm looking forward to making some!
listening too: Podcasts or the new Beyonce album. That is really it. I don't know how many more times I'll be able to make Travis list to "Partition." It is so good though!
working on: Purging stuff. I went through our living room bookcase yesterday and have a huge box of stuff to take to a used bookstore. I'm in that place where it feels really good to get rid of things I know I won't use. Hopefully it lasts a while!
loving: My new tattoo! I got it yesterday, and it is on the back of my right thigh. It was a very painful spot, but i love how it looks! Can you believe this is my first vintage related/kistchy tattoo? I posted a photo from my collection on instagram, and my friend Eli said he would love to tattoo one! I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before!
I'm also feeling pretty proud of myself for doing karaoke in public for the first time! My work holiday party was last night, and I got up and did "Time of My Life" (you know, the one from Dirty Dancing) with my good friend Ryan. I was really nervous to do it, but it ended up being so fun!


  1. We are thinking of budgeting a bit too this year. Were gonan do it the old fashion way and just write down every time we spend money, to actually see where it goes. My guess... eating out. Haha.
    Alos, LOVE your new tattoo. My next appointment isn't until end of April, ugh... feel too far away!

  2. We have been saving all receipts the past few months, it is shocking when you start going over them at the end of the month!

  3. I love your tattoo and congrats you are brave making it in that painful spot auuchh but I believe when we really want something we gotta go for it, as long as you dont kill or make someone sad. I would like to make a vintage owl but right now im working on my redwood tree on my back, its gonna be hugeeee. Cant wait!
    Keep up with the budget, in the end you are gonna be so glad you can use that spare money for something you love.


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