Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nashville Flea: December

How was your New Years? I had a great time at a friend's house, and I'm STILL sore from dancing all night. Thankfully I took off through the 5th so I can rest up, haha. That makes me feel so old! We spent new years day sleeping in, going to the movies (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was pretty good), and relaxing on the couch. Travis is working today, so I rented the One Direction movie and am enjoying it with our new surround sound system.As soon as it's over I'm going to make myself get started on taking down the Christmas decorations.
A couple weeks ago I made it out to the Nashville flea for the first time in months! For the past few months I've been working mid-shifts all three days the flea is going on. I'll have to change that this year. Anyway, we went on Sunday, and it felt so deserted! Probably because there were bad storms and tornado warnings in town the night before.
There was still good stuff to see.
I still don't have even one putz house. I love them so much! But I'm too cheap when it comes to vintage Christmas. Maybe this year I'll find a stash at a yard sale or something.
Look at this amazing jacket I saw at the Thriftophile booth! If it wasn't teeny tiny I would have been tempted.
There is nothing I like more than a big pile of vintage photos. Travis is awesome and helps me sift through them all, not matter how long it takes. I ended up buying 27! from this dealer!
We saw this little baby table, I hadn't seen anything like it before. The seat folds down so it can be just a normal little table too. If we had a kid I would have been tempted!
And look! We found a photo of a baby in a similar table that same day! How weird.
I like that elephant bottle a LOT.
My flea market buddy. Stops at every case of pocket knives.
Last but not least, look at this little bulldog bulb! Isn't it CUTE! I wanted it, but they dealer wanted to sell a whole box of old figural bulbs for $150 and wouldn't split them up. Ah well.


  1. Next time you are off on the weekend! Let's go. I am free fridays during the day and I imagine it's not as busy...also I park for free and REALLY close at the flea :)

  2. My Grandma used a table like that for 3 of her 4 kids. I would love to have one to help me corral the little dude. Cages are frowned upon... ;-)

  3. Oh man, that bull dog bulb is awesome! What other animals were in the box, I wonder? I saw that exact child's rolling play table in Palm Springs at a thrift store but even there they wanted a small fortune for it...and I didn't know a child in need. I feel lucky to have inherited my great-grandma's putz houses; I never see them out in the wild but probably couldn't afford them even if I did. When I make it out that way I want to be sure and come when the flea market is happening.

    1. the only one i remember was a parakeet, which was cool. the rest weren't neat at all or worth remembering.

  4. Oh my goodness! Does that say Litton Lions!? Darn me missing out on this last flea market! That's my last name and it would have been too cool to snag that jacket.


    1. oh man that would be awesome! it was TEENY. like an xxs so i didn't even pull it down.

  5. My mom used that same childs table as my highchair, they called it a teterbabe (Sp) ?? I have pictures of my 1st birthday 1964 sitting in it. :)

  6. I had a table like that as a baby, I was born in 1966. It's still up in my attic somewhere. The only putz houses I have came from yardsales as I am also cheap about vintage Christmas. You'll find some one day.

    1. that is so neat!
      i've never even seen them at an estate sale! i know if i'm patient it will happen!


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