Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A New Collection: Hey, go stand by the bush.

You know I have a lot of collections. My favorite one is my vintage photo collection. I collect lots of different things, dogs, horses, kids on horses, awkward bathing suits, vacation photos, etc etc etc. Travis is a good sport about digging through huge piles of vintage photos at the flea market, and he kept finding photos that made him laugh. So his own photo collection was born! Check it out, people posing with foliage...
 Some of them are pretty normal. Like this Grandma/grandson duo. I like his face, what a goof!
But look at these ladies with that pretty unremarkable shrub! We were cracking up so much finding these!
 Hey, go sit by those stalks!
 That big palm does make for a dramatic backdrop, I must admit. 
 It is even better if they are crouching down with said shrubbery. 
 Look at that hat! And that grumpy face! Maybe because someone made her go stand in the flower bed!
And there you have it! Travis' fun new collection!


  1. What a great collection Travis has started! The crouching one is hilarious! Did she plant the shrub as a seedling and now it was taller than her (as long as she was in a squat)? Is she a zombie and the fruit of that tree is the only thing that will bring life back into her otherwise all-white, demonic eyes? The shadow of the photographer just heightens the mystery. I love it!

  2. Im dreaming about these oeople life story, what were their jobs, their hobbies, if they were happy.... lovely pics travis, you are in the way!

  3. Hahaha! My grandparents still make us go stand my that tree/bush/hedge for pictures. That must be the rule for taking a good portrait!

  4. You know, now that I think about it, vintage people really liked to stand next to bushes

  5. Love those, great idea for a collection. This has me wanting to scoop up more vintage photos while I'm out on the hunt.

  6. lol, omg so want to have a similar collection now!

  7. Thanks for posting! Photo Stand. Photo Stand


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