Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tickled Pink Memorabilia Mall!

We were in Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend to visit our nephew Ellis (and his parents too!). I don't have many photos of what we did, since it was mostly talking and eating but on our way home we stopped at one of my favorite antique malls of all time, Tickled Pink! The owner buys out lots of estates and the selection changes so fast! It is all priced to sell and I haven't noticed anything still sitting around the next time I come in. You can follow their facebook too, I used to, but it would break my heart to see all the amazing stuff that I couldn't get up there to buy! Three hours is just a little too far, even for a boxful of celluloid reindeer. 
 Why oh why didn't I buy that cat pillow! I love it so much and it was $3.99! Maybe it will be there next time we visit....
 I did by this owl latch rub thing. I just couldn't say no! Have I ever showed you my cat latch hook purse? It is a thing of beauty.
 A sweet little poodle who didn't make it home with me believe it or not. 
 These are decals for your camper! The back had all kinds of sport ideas for them. I wish I would have taken a photo. Aren't they cute?
 These patriotic ones were cool too. I was very tempted, but couldn't think of a specific place to put them.
 Haha, this baby thing creeped me out!
 A silly donkey toy
 There is something about that pinata, I need to have one at my next party. And I loved the pattern on that knitting basket.
 Have you ever seen a canister set like this? If they had been pugs I would have had to bring them home.
 Bobble head shadows. 
 That was the only vintage place we hit up this trip, but check out my Louisville tag if you want to see more. There is some great stuff in that city! I was going to show you what I bought today, but my dining room table is piled too high for photos. Ugh, I guess I need to work on that!
And of course I have to post one of our sweet little nephew. Here is strong man Ellis! I can't wait until he starts talking!


  1. That is a pretty cool place.

    Love it.

  2. Oh my, that knitting basket!!!!! What a cute little place, I never venture to Kentucky but have totally been considering it for a day trip lately to just do something different!

    Also, I think I might be meeting you (and everyone else) on Sunday at the blogger meet-up! Eep! So exciting!

  3. I need to move the stuff around you is just too cool
    retro rover

  4. That looks like a great spot! I did a few latch hook kits, way back when, I did a Big Bird one for my son.

    Cute pic of Strongman Ellis!

  5. I really need to start hunting down antique malls local to the Philadelphia area. I just home I can score some finds like these. Looks like a good time to me.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

  6. I. LOVE. THAT. PLACE. Want to go back to Louisville (esp. now that we have a bigger car) just to go there! You always find the best stuff, I think that donkey may be my favorite though. Looking forward to seeing whatcha brought home! :D

  7. That place looks so fun. So much stuff is overpriced at traditional antique malls...and let's be honest, a lot of it is crap. 3.99 for the pillow!! That is such a nice change. It's like a slightly curated Goodwill. Between this and Tom & Chee, it looks like I NEED to go to Louisville.

  8. I'm surprised you didn't get that pillow. It's awesome! Stores like that are the best. Nothing ever gets a chance to get stale.

  9. Ever since you posted about this place the last time I have wanted to go so badly. Being on their Facebook page is torture!!

  10. that sounds like the most amazing spot

    retro rover

  11. There's NO WAY that Raggedy Ann kitchen was only $4.99........... ?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me it isn't true!!!!

    1. i'm sorry to say, it was! I'm telling you, this place is CHEAP. Sometimes even lower than thrift prices! you would LOVE IT


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