Friday, April 18, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday: Displaying My Collection

I've been making it a point to get all the photos I've collected over the past few years together in one place. I keep finding little stashes of them around the house but I THINK I've found them all. Recently I've been working on getting them all into the blank scrapbooks I've been collecting just for that purpose. Here are most of them, unsorted.
I started by sorting them into loose categories. It gave me such a dorky thrill to lay them all out! This isn't even half of them. It is my favorite collection by far.
My collection started with just dog photos, but it has expanded to include many other things.
After a few hours I had them like this. The cetegories are dogs, cats/other animals, vacation/awkward swimsuits, weird, favorites, and "other."
Yesterday I finally got around to putting some of them in this book. The cats were VERY into "helping" me with this task.
II bought this scrapbook at an estate sales a few years ago. It is the biggest, unused one I have found. 
It just had the dedication in the front, and "Christmas 1945" written on one page. I wonder why "Mother" never used it. I'm using it for my vintage dog photos, since it is pretty big. Hopefully I'll be able to get all my photos in there.
At first I planned on using only vintage photo corners to get the photos in, but I almost never come across them so I decided to just get modern ones. They are acid free and will help keep the photos in good shape anyway.
Thanks for holding those photos down Scampi.
And yes Murray, I did need some help flattening the pages out! So sweet.
I worked on this for about two hours while watching the last two episodes of series two of Call the Midwife. Have you seen it yet? It is SO GOOD! The 1950's styling is incredible and the storytelling is excellent! I cry during pretty much every episode. I can't wait for series three to come out on Netflix!
I finally got the cats OFF my work space by putting this manilla envelope out on the table. Cats are so weird. But it worked! They took turns sitting on it.
I ran out of photo corners (I had one box of 250 and somehow thought that would be enough) so I'll have to get more and finish another day.
So that is how I display my photo collection! It makes them so much easier to look through and enjoy. 


  1. If you don't want to wait for netflix, PBS shows all the episodes for free on the website right after they are aired! It's my favorite show!

  2. Oh I think this is a lovely way to showcase your photos! Your cats are gorgeous, both have such sweet faces.

  3. Very cool! It's always fun when you share snippets of your collection.
    Do your cats like to eat pictures? One of mine did. Very strange...

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