Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Flea Finds!

 Here are my finds from the May flea market! I really didn't bring much home.
 Those tiny little dogs remind me of Phyllis and Priscilla, so I had to have them! The deer is part of a salt and pepper set.
I've been reading a book about the Little House on the Prairie books and it made me want to reread the whole series. I had a few of the books as a little girl and loved them! I was thrilled to find this 70's edition box set!
Another jewel eyed poodle for my collection, some JR Deluxe Editions I don't have yet, and a little perpetual calendar.
 Some photos for my collection of course. Not that many this month.
 Highlights include these guys holding snakes.
And these little guys dressed up in their 1970's finest. There were actually lots more photos of this stylin' family, but I didn't have much cash left. The guy selling them gave me 12 pictures for two dollars! I should have gone back and got the other ones.
 I think this little set is for pillows to go on a high chair. I couldn't resist that fabric and rick rack! 
And these were from an estate sale during the week. They are from the Monkees official fan club. I was just going to get one but I couldn't decide! Now I just have to frame them all together. The lady running the sale asked if I knew who they were (as I was paying for them) and it was REAL hard not to roll my eyes. Haha. I used to have a Monkees lunchbox and a Monkees t-shirt I ordered from an ad in Seventeen magazine. They were my prized possessions in middle school.

I hope estate land/flea land/thirft land treated you well last week!


  1. I cannot STAND IT when people ask me "Do you know who that is?" when I'm in the process of buying something. "No, I know, just buy whatever. No idea. Is it supposed to be somebody?" EEEEUUUUGH. That said, I am bugging out over your Monkees find, those are so COOL and creepily true-to-life!

  2. OMG, I love the Monkees! I loved that show when I was a kid. I still love the music!

  3. The graphics on that high chair fabric are incredible!!!! So much good stuff!

  4. TY for sharing!!! .... U collect old photos, do you??? We should talk ...My late parents were born in 1919 and 1921, and thus I have some very old photos - which of course! I treasure! ... but what has often scared me is - what is going to happen to them when I'm gone?! I mean - in most cases, I know the stories behind the photos ... but ... I'm an only child, with a disinterested, on drugs, daughter ... yes, we should talk :)

    1. it always makes me a little sad to see the piles of photos at the flea market (though I love them so it's good for me!). I bought some amazing scrapbooks of a woman's road trip around the united states in the 20's and i couldn't believe someone in the family didn't want them!

  5. Not knowing who the monkees were! AS if! I remember being in high school and since the 1920s and 30s is my favorite period and this was the 90s I was not up on current music but was up on the music of say 60 or 70 years ago.I had a highschool assignment to volunteer at a nursing home and one day they had a music of the 30s trivia contest I won, I basically clobbered the seniors. They were very impressed

    retro rover

  6. Marge: [voice over] The kids at school were even worse.
    [flashback to young Marge gets on the bus and sits next to a girl]
    Girl: [seeing her lunch pail] Ew! You like the Monkees? You know they don't write their own songs.
    Marge: They do so!
    Girl: They don't even play their own instruments.
    Girl: That's not even Michael Nesmith's real hat.
    Marge: Aah!

    [back in the present]
    Dr. Zweig: Kids can be so cruel.
    Marge: But it's true. They didn't write their own songs or play their own instruments.
    Dr. Zweig: The Monkees weren't about music, Marge. They were about rebellion, about political and social upheaval!
    [Marge smiles, relieved]

  7. Great finds! I love the calender and the little dogs!

  8. oh so many cool finds. one day i'd really like to find a perpetual calendar, your's is a great looking one!

  9. Love the Monkees! also love that calendar Great finds


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