Friday, May 16, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday: Painted Backdrops

Here is another little subset of my vintage photo collection! These are all photos taken in front of painted backdrops. I plan on putting these all into a small vintage photo album. I think they look cool all together.
A mama and her little baby. Look at her beautiful hair and flawless makeup? And that little hooded sweater is darling. I love her expression too, a little hint of a smile. Precious.
 Look at that snazzy butterfly pocket! 
My only tinted one like this. I want to know that the deal is with her outfit, why is she dressed so masculinely and look at the waist on those pants!
Aren't these two sweet? That palm tree in back makes me think that maybe they are on vacation. ANd look at that part! I wonder if it is shaved in. Travis has been getting that done lately and I LOVE it!
This one isn't the same, but it is similar. So many patterns! And I'm into her flowered hat. I wonder if I could pull one like it off?
 I know I've shared this photo before, it is one of my absolute favorites! Those uniforms! The mustaches! That guy in the middle's expression!
Last but not least, the vendor I bought this from had a few of these and I wish I had gotten them all. I love the "Always Thinking of You" sign. I guess you could get a photo like this and give it to your sweetheart. Isn't he cute? I really like his striped shirt. 

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