Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Collection 23: 1940's Novelty Pinbacks

This is a newish collection, but one I'm really into! When I buy jewelry I usually stick to brooches, and so I always look through old pinback buttons when I see them. The first one of these I picked up was the "So's Your Old Man" one. When I've tried researching them all I can really find is that they are from the 40's. The big buttons aren't as old, but I like that they are in the same style, and are weird.
I don't come across them that much, but when I do I will pick them up if they aren't too much money. I love that they are all kinda rude or weird.
I did some searching on Ebay to see what else was out there. Here are some I would pick up for myself! I would link you, but they are old auctions. And I'm lazy, haha! Also, some people on ebay price them up to 25 dollars! Which seems crazy! I won't pay more than five, and that's only if I REALLY like it. I really want the vampire kid one!
There you go, a weird little collection that I hope to add to a lot this year!


  1. I have always loved these that you have found. They crack me up! I kinda want that "I gotta go. Where is it?" one. I have no idea why.

  2. lady tickler and i am a vampire kid... what neat buttons!

  3. those are really cute! I agree 25 is crazy though

    retro rover

  4. I have a bunch of these but love yours will all the sayings! Super funny and fun to hunt them down!

  5. You Nasty Man You! Hahaha, these are awesome!

  6. I haven't come across any of these but how fun. I like the rain one


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