Monday, May 12, 2014


Here are my finds from the sales I posted about yesterday. Just a few things. Travis and I both love those white bowls that are made to put under a stand mixer. They are such a good size for mixing stuff up and storing it in the fridge. I picked up that knit hat because it is my house colors (Gryffindor!) and it actually fits my big head! 
 And of course I got that scottie dog! Do you even know me? Haha. I can't resist a googly eye! And for some reason that weird little doll made out of fabric yo-yos just called to me. He was in the bottom of a box in a basement. Probably haunted.
I picked up these straw trivets because I knew they would look good on our table for our weekly taco nights!
This dream pet isn't in good shape, but that little R on his chest made it so I had to bring him home. There is also a lightening bolt on the back of his cape!
Close up of my new buck head! The body is out under our carport, creeping me out every time I pull in at night. Hopefully we'll fix him next weekend.
 Look at these cute slippers! The pom poms! They will come in handy when it gets cold again. 
And just a few records. I love Skeeter Davis, I actually went to her estate sale, years ago! I should find those photos on my hard drive. I can't remember if I got any cool ones of the house. And Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass is the PERFECT background dinner music. I'm making it a goal for us to eat at the table more with records playing. We'll see how it goes.
So that's my little haul! I haven't checked the listings for this weekend yet, hope there are a few cool houses to scope out!


  1. Awesome finds! I love Skeeter too! My favorite is the yo-yo doll. I tried making one to go with my halloween costume; it turned out alright, but nothing beats the old ones!

  2. How fun! I really love the Gryffindor hat

  3. such adorable finds
    retro rover

  4. The deer is freaking me out... he's cool but scary at the same time.


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