Sunday, May 11, 2014

Estate Sale Report!

Estate sales are finally picking up around here! I was off work last Friday and there were not one but FOUR sales that looked pretty good around town! My favorite one was this unassuming house in East Nashville. I wish I was in the market, I loved this house!
This little guy with the googly eyes was tempting me from the top shelf of a closet. Can you guess if I bought him?
I loved all the crazy carpet! This one looked like moss! I would turn this room into my forest themed craft room. It had some pretty sweet duck curtains. 
The blue carpet was great too! And the bathroom! The red and white tile contrasted with the blue and green flower wallpaper was a little jarring and busy, but you know I love that.
My Canon 20D is dying a slow death, so my inside photos are getting harder and harder to correct! I've got a new camera coming in the mail tomorrow! I'm so happy! And you know what else makes me happy? Those PINK blinds! Do you think they still make them?
 And a couple little accent tiles! Oh gurl, that bathroom! I wish I could transport it to my house!
There was some great patio furniture, if only I had a usable patio! Also, that concrete thing in the top left is a really fat raccoon. I kinda wish I had gotten it now! We are redoing our front porch and pulled out some bushes and that fat guy would look great by my steps!
But I did bring this home! I saw him from the upstairs deck and was almost frantic trying to get down to it to get a look and see the price. I LOVE a concrete deer, in fact I already have a doe in my front yard. And we had to repair her so I'm pretty confident Travis will be able to reunite this guy with his head. No concrete deer left behind I say! You should have seen me and the older woman at the sale wrestling this guy into my back seat!
 I couldn't get a great shot because the sale was actually pretty packed but I said "Oh WOW" outloud when I came down the (red shag carpeted) stairs to see this den! The bar was bought while I was standing there and the new owner was dismantling it. There was a cool fireplace to the left.

 It was so wonderful! Lots of great light fixtures. Look at that velvet covered one!
 This record cover cracked me up! What were you thinking Dolly?
Through the door past the bar was this tiny hall with a beautiful mint green fridge, and a place to make coffee and snacks for entertaining. There was a lion poster taped on the wall! And this light! I LOVE it!
Back upstairs I saw this blue stove! And the stovetop! Oh man, I didn't notice if this house was for sale, but I hope the next owners loves it and keep all the original stuff.
 I made it to two more houses, neither as great as the first, but check out that ship painting!
 When I walked into this house the woman running the sale said "everything is 60 percent off! And clothes are 5 for a dollar!" I had high hopes but didn't find much. Except a pile of playboys in the creepy basement, and this cute autograph dog!
And a pretty groovy baby chair. I'll show you what I brought home tomorrow!


  1. Oh my days I feel positively giddy after that house tour!! We don't usually get to go in the houses over here - it's all garage/yard sales.. What an amazing house - so much cool stuff! I most probable would have tried to get those 2 patio chairs and the highchair===drool!!!! So did you get that dog or what?!

  2. That ship painting was epic

  3. I know I say it everytime, but I am so jealous of the estate sales in your area! We would be hard pressed to find just one if the awesome things you documented. I can't guess, but I hope you got that dog!

  4. this house is just beautiful!

    retro rover

  5. Thanks for the peek inside - what style!!!

  6. I think part of the fun of estate sales is getting to look inside all those great old homes. Can't wait to see what you bought!

  7. I can't believe I missed that East Nashville sale! I sent the Mister out on recon but he went to the wrong sale and came back and said that it was crap. That's what I get for being lazy, I guess! I'm so glad that you got the deer! I would have bought that ship painting so fast.

  8. I followed this same path, but on Saturday! #shipsinthenight How about different shag carpet in EVERY ROOM in that one in Inglewood on Stanvid? I know it's the first thing that will go, but dang..I salute whoever had the brass to decide to do that with their house circa 1976. I'm glad you got your deer and he will look AWESOME after his successful head reattachment surgery! :D

  9. What a great house! It looks like they haven't changed a thing in 50 years.


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