Saturday, May 10, 2014


Yes I know that spring is pretty much passed but I still wanted to share these photos I took a few weeks  ago. We have the most beautiful dogwood tree in front of our little house and I look forward to seeing it every year. And then the lilac bush blooms and BAM! Now the rose bush to the left of the dogwood is blooming like crazy.
 Look at those blooms!
 This year we also had more tulips than usual! Last year none bloomed at all. Maybe it's because I never weeded the bed. I really should get on that....
 All the animals have been loving the longer days and sunshine too. Scampi spends a lot of time on the kitchen table soaking up the sun.
 And if I'm home I'll open up the back door and let Phyllis sit there until she is panting from the heat. 
 I'm really hoping to make this summer one of our best ones ever!


  1. Those dogwood blossoms are unreal!!! How awesome to have spring out on such a great show in your front yard!

  2. I am so jealous when I see all these wonderful blooms on the blogs, we haven't even had a tulip bloom here yet!! So slow...


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