Friday, May 9, 2014

We met Tuna!

I've already had some great celebrity meetings this year, what with rubbing shoulders with Rivers Cuomo and Chip Esten in April. This month we had the chance to meet Tuna! Not familiar? You can check out his website here. Tuna is one of my favorite internet dogs to follow and I was so happy to see he was making a stop on his tour in Nashville!
I thought I was going to have to rush after work but as luck would have it, I got off early so I had plenty of time to run home, scoop up Phyllis and Travis and head to the dog park in East Nashville where it was happening. Priscilla didn't get to come because she isn't as easy as Phyllis. She was happy just hanging out in line, getting her photo taken by all the dog crazy people in line! It looks like no one else was there in this picture, but believe me, Tuna had a line.
 Tuna! Can you see the love in my eyes?
As you can see, Phyllis and Tuna were very impressed with each other. Oh man, he was such a sweet little guy! I could have held him all day!
As we were leaving I had to pose Phyllis in this patch of clover under the light.
It happened to be Cinco de Mayo so we went over to our best friends' house for tacos and badminton! We didn't get to play long before the sun set, but it was fun!
 We had delicious Pina Coladas! Marc is trying to become a champion cocktail maker this year.
 Phyllis had fun watching us play. 
 These shots of Marc and Travis are killing me! 
We had a great taco dinner out on their patio. I love that it is so warm right now but the gross summer humidity hadn't set in yet. I'm trying to get in as much outdoor time as I can!


  1. I guess her teeth don't always stick out like that :)

  2. I still can't believe you met Tuna lol. I'm so jealous.


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