Thursday, May 8, 2014

Johnny Cash and the Drive In!

Travis and I have been meaning to check out the Johnny Cash Museum in downtown Nashville for a while. Last Saturday we were both off with no plans so we made a day of it!
Young Cash was pretty dashing. I learned that his given name was actually JR! When he joined the military they wouldn't let him use initials on his official id so he picked the first name John.
The museum was pretty good. I always want to see more  and outfits but there was a good selection of old posters and merch and embroidered shirts.
There is one dark room with a large screen showing all kinds of old video. We saw this clip while we were there and I LOVED it so much. I feel like you can SEE how much Johnny and June Carter love each other whenever they perform together. And I love how June sings the little "Weeeeeellllll" part after Johnny calls her a saucy mare. And her booty shaking of course.
Here is a valentine Johnny gave June. That is the kind of stuff I want to see! Though I realize most people are more interested in the guitars and hand written lyrics and things.
One interesting display was about how Johnny Cash is one of the one (if not THE only) artist to have released singles on pretty much every kind of media from records to mp3s.
All in all it was a great look at his career and life. Though I do feel like the 15 dollar admission is a little steep for the size of the museum. I could also be spoiled by pretty recent trips to the Motown Museum and Graceland, which are both excellent!
We went to eat at a place called Taco Mamacita that I have been meaning to try out. They have a whole separate vegan/vegetarian menu which was intriguing to me! I'm not realizing we went to eat first, because Travis got his haircut before we went to the museum. So that explains his different looks if you were wondering. Oops.
I got the vegan jerk tacos and OMG they were AMAZING. They are plantain with beans and cabbage slaw. I wasn't sure what to expect but they blew me away when we came! My only complaint about the place is they charge for chips and salsa, which is just lame. And the fresh salsa we got wasn't very good. So next time I'll skip that and just get the tacos. Mmmm I didn't know plantains could be so good in a taco!
Then we decided to drive out to Watertown and go to the drive in! We used to go a lot when we lived in Murfreesboro or Columbia but now it is about a forty minute job to the closest one. But I think it's worth it! Look, $7.50 for a double feature!
We went to the Star Dust drive in, which we hadn't been to before. It was surprising that they had a digital projector so the picture looked perfect! And in between movies they showed about 10 minutes of vintage snack bar ads which I LOVED!
Look at that menu! And they have a veggie burger! 
We shared some potato wedges, Travis ate a huge pickle, and I drank so much sweet tea I felt terrible the next day! Oh, and we ate Dots too. So much junk, so delicious! We saw a double feature of The Other Woman (pretty funny and fun to watch) and Divergent (I didn't love it, but it also didn't make us want to leave). The only thing that sucks in the movies don't start until it gets dark (duh) which is about 8, so after the second movie it was after 1 am. Then we had a 40 minute drive home.
Something we loved was they play the national anthem before the movies start, complete with clips of America and waving flags. People were standing on their cars saluting which was a little bizarre for before a movie.
We'll be back this summer for sure! We hoped they'd be playing Neighbors this week so we'd have an excuse to go back! But no, so maybe later this month.


  1. two cool things johnny cash and the drive in!

    retro rovr

  2. I would love to see the Johnny Cash museum - I can just imagine all the neat stuff - and I would be like you, loving to see things like the Valentine!!!

  3. I love the Johnny Cash version of Hurt. One of the most soulful songs I've ever heard.
    That place looked so fun!

  4. I'm so so jealous of your drive in theater! We used to have one around here and now it's gone :( I think a 40 minute trip is well worth it though and now I'm interested in seeing if I can find one that is even an hour away. You guys always have so much fun, this is all the kinds of stuff Steven and I love to do too!

  5. I love taco mamacita! Their street corn is so so good! In fact, now I am thinking about it and I want some.

  6. That sounds like a pretty perfect day! We have just a few drive-ins in Southern California (none of them very close to us) but you've got me in the mood to hit the drive-in ASAP!


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