Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I haven't done one of these posts since January! Instagram is my favorite social media thingy and it kind of kills my desire to take my regular camera out all the time. But I love how I'm able to capture life quickly and share it. My user name is Raesock if we aren't friends yet! Here is a little of what we've been up to lately. Life has been busy and fun!
The biggest thing going on right now is our purchase of a Stella Fireball for Travis. He has been riding the bus since January and has gotten tired of the hour and a half commute each day (we live only 4 miles from his work). So we are buying a scooter from a friend for him to ride. I'm sure you'll be seeing more about it soon.
 Summer is upon us here and I'm trying to get out on the lake as much as I can! My team at work went on a team build last week to clean up an island and rented a pontoon boat! It was the best!! And wasn't as expensive as I expected. I'm hoping to get a group of friends to pitch in and rent one later this summer We also went out with another friend on his little boat recently. Here's hoping it happens more this summer!
 Speaking of summah I got to meet one of my favorites, Howard Kremer! He co-hosts my favorite podcast, Who Charted, so I was stoked that his comedy tour was coming through town! He opened for Brody Stevens. I'm so happy I got to meet him, he was so nice! He knows all about my new summah suit. Remember, don't start this summah in last years suit!
 I'm kind of addicted to Simpson's Tapped Out on my iPad. And I love that little three legged dog!
Here were are at the Schermerhorn! Travis' parents are part of the Nashville Choir and were able to get us free tickets to Les Miserables at the Symphony center downtown. They sang in the chorus. The show was AMAZING. Lots of the cast had played the roles on Broadway or national tours. I loved it so much, and cried at least 5 times! The photo on the right is from when I cleaned out my backseat. I might have a problem when it comes to Life Factory bottles. I think I have 12.Geeze!
I went with some friends to Tribe to see the season finale of Rupaul's Drag Race. As you can see, I was team Adore! I was ok with Bianca winning too. I'm sad I have to wait until next February for the next season.
Travis got a pass to go to a restaurant supply store. We bought a new frying pan, and a giant bottle of his one true love, Frank's Red Hot. I got a case of San Pellegrino Blood Orange. The BEST!
 We're still doing taco night once a week. It is my favorite night! 
My favorite cake, and a beautiful wedding cake at a friend's wedding! She got it from Whole Foods! Can you believe that?
 I was going through some files recently and found Scampi's adoption papers. Travis picked her out at Happy Tales Humane 8 years ago this week! She was three then so that makes her 11 years old! I love that sassy kitty.
He refused to pull his shirt up for a photo. Haha! 
And then a couple shot on our 6 year wedding anniversary. 
We got to hang out with our nephew this past weekend. Look how big he is! And look at that cool dude look on his face. Also check out my new karaoke machine! We went to a barbecue recently and the lady of the house said I could have this karaoke machine that someone had given to them. Mine is on it's last legs so I'm pretty stoked! It also came with a BUNCH of new cds! I've got over 1000 songs now! Maybe I should start my own karaoke business.
 If you follow me on instagram you saw this recent drama. I took Priscilla to a new vet for her yearly check up and she had a bad reaction to the vaccine. This is at a stop light on our way back, her face blew up so much more! It was red and scared me so bad. The whole visit was weird, I had to ask the vet to check her teeth and ears. Shouldn't that be standard for a check up? I know that the vaccine reaction could happen anywhere, but I probably won't be back to that office.
 Speaking of my pug angels, they are just as cute as always.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what else this summer brings!

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  1. I just started getting into Instagram, I don't want it to replace my real camera, but I feel it motivates me to take more pictures.

    BTW, I am a Simpsons Tapped Out freak as well I have been playing everyday for over a year and a half!


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