Sunday, June 8, 2014


There are finally movies out that I want to see again! It felt like there was NOTHING to see in March and April. We've been going a lot lately, and I love it! Here is what I've seen: 
Finding Vivian Maier: I feel like everyone has been talking about this documentary, and they should be! It is about a woman who took THOUSANDS of street photos that she showed no one. A guy bought the negatives at an auction on a whim and they are incredible. I actually teared up when they started showing the photographs. The start in the 1950's and are so beautiful. the documentary is fascinating and while it leaves you with LOTS of unanswered questions (the more I thought about it, the more unsatisfied I was!) the film is wonderful and fascinating and totally worth your time.
Le Week-End: This is a film about an older couple spending a weekend in Paris for their anniversary.  It is funny, sad, uncomfortable and moving in turns. The two main actors are really good and I recognized things from my long term relationship in theirs. Totally recommend if you like character driven movies.
Belle: I feel like I've been waiting forever for this to come out! I LOVE Regency period movies and this one is based on the true story of a mixed race woman raised in an upperclass white household. It started off kind of choppy and I was a little disappointed but it evened out and I ended up loving it! The costumes! The sets! The acting! The romance! Some things weren't period accurate (I ranted about it to Travis after I saw it, and I'm sure he could care less, haha!) but I still really enjoyed it. I'll watch it again. I went to see it the first showing it was available in Nashville, and it was me and about 30 senior citizens. My crowd for sure!
Neighbors: Another one we've been waiting to see for a long time! Finally another really good comedy! Travis and I both laughed out loud during most of the movie. Some people have been complaining that Rose Byrne, who plays the wife, wasn't given much to do but I was actually really pleased with how their relationship was portrayed. Finally a comedy where the wife isn't portrayed as either a total shrew or as the straight woman to her bumbling husband. Also, I never thought I would find Zac Efron to be attractive but DAYUM. Another one I'd see again.
X-Men: Days of Future Past: Travis LOVES Wolverine so we always make it out to X-Men movies. I really enjoyed First Class last year, and this one was pretty good too. I thought Jennifer Lawrence did a much better job as Mystique in this film, and I'm always down for Michael Fassbender as a young Magneto. The time traveling aspect was cool and I loved the new character they introduced, Quicksilver. The kitchen scene in the Pentagon was awesome! I kind of wish we had seen it in 3D, and I never say that! I'm looking forward to the next one.
The Fault in our Stars: I read this book last month (I really need to update my reading list!) and I LOVE a sad movie so I couldn't wait to see this. I went by myself with tissues ready but didn't cry at all. I'm not sure if it was because the girls next to me were crying SO LOUD or because it was just TOO much. I don't want to spoil it but you probably know what is going to happen. It was kind of fun to watch, but it wasn't as great as I was hoping. I was happy that the guy they picked to play Augustus was much cuter in motion than in the stills that have been posted.  (Is that weird to say? Haha, I just imagined him much cuter than the stills looked.) If I was a tween I would probably be OBSESSED with this movie.
Godzilla: I'm pretty sure I said it before, but I thought Godzilla was awesome! A fun summer action movie with great effects. Godzilla looked so cool! And I loved seeing it at the drive in so I could scream with my friends.

I can't wait to see 22 Jump Street next week, and Gardians of the Galaxy! Have you seen anything good lately? Is Maleficent good? I can't decide if I want to see it or not.


  1. Why didn't you call me to see the fault in our stars?!?!? I am itching to see it. I think I'll go tomorrow

    1. haha, i should have. you have to text me as soon as you see it, i need to talk to someone about it!

  2. I want to see the fault in our stars so much but I just know what will happen in the plot and I just don't think I can sit hrough a movie knowing the sad outcome. :(

    1. its SO SAD. the book is sad too, and i liked it better.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I will definitly watch them. I just seen "The Drifter", something like Into the wild but with surf mixed, pretty awesome and you can watch on youtube, it's only 1 hour movie :)


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