Saturday, June 7, 2014

Two Days in Atlanta!

We used Air BnB again when staying in Atlanta. I love that site! We stayed at this listing and it was amazing! It was in Midtown but in a residential area with old houses. The host was super nice too. I kinda hated that we were only staying one night!
 Have you ever stayed somewhere using Air BnB? Basically people can rent out their spaces, sometimes a room, sometimes a full house. We rented an apartment in Detroit last year the same way and loved it. You can stay in some cool places for a fraction of what it would cost to stay in the same area in a hotel. We're using it for our beach vacation this summer too!
 Loved that lamp!
We got to Atlanta on Sunday and after the puppet museum we went to dinner and then out to a drag show at Burkharts. I was worried there won't be any going on Sunday night (the drag scene in Nashville is pretty dead Sunday nights) but the show was really funny and we had a great time. I didn't take any photos though. 
We went down to the five points area because I remembered liking the store Junkman's Daughter a long time ago. They charge to park down their now which is kinda lame. This pizza place is cute though! They didn't have vegan pizza though. Dang. 
 I want that neon pizza sign for my front window!
 Junkman's Daughter wasn't as great as I remembered. But the paintings on the building were awesome.
On the drive down it felt like we saw those little sticker families were on every car. Travis and I kept pointing them out and laughing, and then we saw these cutes ones! Best ones I've seen!
 We went to a place called Soul Vegetarian for dinner and it was SO GOOD! It was cafeteria style and it was hard to decide what to get since everything was vegan. Travis got lasagna AND macaroni and cheese! It turned out to be a great choice because both were delicious! Look at that gooey cheese!
 Those sweet potatoes are the best I've ever had. Mmm I want some more right now!
 On Monday we had planned to go to some antique and vintage stores. But somehow every year I forget it is Memorial Day and everything was closed! I was especially bummed about this place! Doesn't it look amazing??
 I would take that sign with the ice cream cone for the front of my house. 
 I LOVE that huge wonder bread sign!
 This one looked awesome too. Oh well, next time.
 Look at this place! Can you read the window writing? It is a store that sells "Needlepoint Dog Accessories and Stuff." I wish I was still open! Phyllis and Priscilla need some new accessories.
 Since everything was closed we ended up going to see X-Men: Days of Future Past or whatever. It was pretty good! That young Magneto, Yowza! After the movie we headed back home, with a stop in Chattanooga for our favorite sandwich in the world! That's right, we went to Sluggo's to get the vegan club. Oh man it is always so GOOD!
 Those pinto beans!
 We also went by Cashew in Chattanooga because I can't resist those donuts! Travis got an oreo brownie, which you can see on the left. Ah!
 Some place in Nashville needs to start stocking vegan donuts. Or maybe I should try to make some. The lemon is my favorite!
IWe had a great little trip to Atlanta, and it made me really ready for our longer vacation. Just six weeks away!


  1. You two have the best trips". Thanks for sharing these unique travels!

  2. jamie will be so thrilled to see that you all went by savage pizza. That's his favorite!

    1. i was so sad they didn't do vegan pizza because it's so cute!

  3. Savage Pizza looks so rad. In fact the whole of Atlanta looks like so much fun.

  4. The photos are too awesome. Everyone needs an ice cream sign in the yard!

  5. I'm close enough. No excuses, gotta get to Atlanta ASAP :D Love the photos.


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