Monday, June 30, 2014

Percy Priest Lake

A friend of mine has been taking us out on Percy Priest Lake on his boat all summer. This past weekend might be the last time for a while because his wife is having a baby any day now. I need to meet someone else with a boat! Here are some photos from our Saturday. They are phone photos because I didn't want to take my nice camera on the little boat.
 Our cooler. I recently found out I like Angry Orchard cider. I REALLY like the elderflower one, but you only get two of those in a big summer multi-pack. We also brought some veggie dogs to cook. And stuff to make s'mores!
Travis and Lola on our way to the island! Stephen ferries everyone over two people at a time! I love Lola's little doggy life vest. I want to take the pugs swimming! Travis must have been telling a really good story here.
Setting up camp! Essentials are a big blanket that the dogs can mess up, our little seats, towels, beers, an of course my super noodle. There are tons of camp grounds scattered around the islands on Percy Priest lake with rocky little beaches and campfires. Stephen and his wife camp out here sometimes.
 Lola! She loves fetching tennis balls out of the lake and rolling in stuff. 
 Travis loves to comb the island for dead wood and make a fire. He bought me this fold up hat at goodwill last year and I forgot about it until recently. It is pretty cute, and matched my Ben DeLeCreme shirt. I got pretty sunburnt the day before we went to the lake so I kept covered up the whole day.
There were other people there, we were just on the island first. And once everyone else showed up I mostly swam and ate and drank cider. It was such a great day. That morning it POURED and we almost cancelled. Thank goodness the clouds parted!
There's a shot of the boat! Stephen started ferrying people back to the dock around 6:30 to make sure we were all out of there by the time the sun went down. Travis and I ended up being the last people waiting for a ride.
But I'm not complaining! It was such a wonderful day. It was so relaxing to float around with friends for a few hours. We're going to Rock Island this week, then it's almost time for the beach! I can't wait!


  1. I recently discovered Angry Orchard too. I've only tried the crisp apple and the ginger one, though.

  2. I have never tried the elderflower one. I don't like the traditional appley one bc it gives me heartburn

  3. Aw, can't wait to get into more similar summer fun myself. :D Boating is so relaxing.


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