Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Flea Finds!

Here are our few finds from the flea this month. I think we only spent 12 bucks. Isn't that Marineland pennant cute? I've bought a few cute ones lately, I need to hang them up soon. I think I have the perfect spot.
Travis loves to shave with these old Gilette safety razors. He hasn't found one like this before, with the blue handle and starbursts! This one was in a booth that was full of 80's toys.
The woman I bought these from had a huge stack and was selling them for a buck a piece. I wish I would have picked up a few more. Jack and Jill was a kids magazine from the 60's. They are full of cute illustrations, ads, and craft projects.
This story is so cute! Like it says, the little girl's father works at a Children's Museum. There is a photo of her walking a fox and holding artifacts. Wouldn't that be a cool way to grow up?
The "Toss-and-Catch" game cracks me up! I don't know anyone who would like to get two bleach bottle tops and a ball of tin foil as a gift!
Here is a puppet to make. As you can see it looks pretty cool all together, but I kind of like the cowboy top with the horse legs! A wild west minotaur.
 Even the ads are fun to look at!
The last thing is this little Shriner planter. I was eying it but when Travis asked me about it I said "I love it, but I don't need to buy anymore planters." Then he had the genius idea to use it to hold our toothbrushes! Yes! It had a tag on it that said 5 dollars. Travis walked up to the vendor and said, "You have 5 dollars on this." and the guy said "How about four?" I love the no effort haggle. Then he didn't have change for a 10 so he gave it to us for 3 because that is how many dollar bills we had. Perfect!
Doesn't it look cute?


  1. I remember having a few Jack and Jill magazines, one of the very few things that had my name on it!

  2. Love the planter/tooth brush holder. Talk about thinking outside the box. Next time I find a cute planter Im doing this

    1. I don't know why I never thought of it before! this planter is pretty small too, its perfect!

  3. wow you found some great stuff, Ive never seen a shriner planter before is adorable and I love the star bursts on razor

    retro rover

    1. i hadn't seen one before either! there seemed to be shriner fez everywhere this month too!

  4. Love the Rose Parade Program.

    You just gave me a huge idea. I just bought a 1949 Rose Bowl Program. I should do a blog on that and the ads in it.


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