Monday, July 14, 2014

Antiquing in Kentucky: The Ruby Rooster

Travis and I went up to Shelbyville, Kentucky this past weekend for our nephew's first birthday. We needed to get out of the house for a few hours so the birthday boy could take a good nap so my sister in law sent us downtown to the local antique shops! We spent almost the whole time in the Ruby Rooster
I loved the displays they had in the front windows. You could walk through them and shop from the windows! These little deer were the first things I picked up! Its like they were waiting for me! And on sale!
I was tempted by this Fruit Stripe bucket.
 This tiddledy wink box is so cute! The tiddledy winks inside were just cardboard though. 
 I was tempted by these building blocks too! How cool would they look set up on my mantle?
In the back was a booth FULL of vintage summer stuff! All kinds of swim caps, beach bags, and swimsuits! It was all so cute!
I really love that bag in the bottom right. But Travis reminded me I already have one just like it. That plaid picnic basket is pretty great too!
This felt appliqué hat was killing me! If it had come even close to fitting my big noggin I would have bought it!
This lady both fascinated and repelled me. Something about it makes me think of Pee Wee's Playhouse. It is a Penny Poodle toy!
I found this commercial for her on youtube. It is such a weird toy! Now I kinda wish I had bought it. Or at least made it walk and bark! It was pretty cheap, I think 14 dollars. 
 It wouldn't be a Southern antique mall without a selection of Civil War books.
 Dreamy. This booth was FULL of vintage formal dresses, and jewelry, and bags! It looked like it was run by the same person who had all the cute vintage summer stuff.
 A perfect pastries carrier!
I was so excited to see this! A whole pile of 1950's dog show ribbons! I saw some at the flea market last year but for some reason the woman selling them wanted to sell all of them (over 100) as a group for $500 dollars! I was happy to bring a few of these guys home!
Another booth had a whole bundle of novelty liscenses. The shotgun wedding was my favorite, or the hunting license!
 I alos loved this beautiful old calendar. 
I'm so happy my sister in law told us to check this place out! We'll for sure be back when we are back in town to visit her family! I'll be back tomorrow to show you what I got!


  1. Great spot to shop. Love all those vintage swim caps. Your including the commercial for Penny the Poodle is awesome...what a totally cool little snippet of that era!

  2. I love the look of that shop!!!

  3. I really like that penny poodle toy, creepy but the commercial makes it

    retro rover


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