Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Road Home

Can you believe it? I've finally reached the end of our vacation. I'm so glad we were able to take 10 whole days. It was so relaxing and I was able to completely chill out and didn't worry about work at all (I'm someone who brings my work home, not matter how unimportant!) We got up early Sunday morning. We decided to do the 10 hour trip in one day so we could have that extra day at Universal.
Here with are with my Grandma and Grandpa! Check out my sweet new shoes. I had to buy a pair because my other shoes got totally soaked on that dumb Popeye ride and stunk too bad to wear!
I posted more about it last time we were down there, but my Grandma has the most amazing house! LOOK at this kitchen! The yellow cabinets and flower paper kill me every time! There is yellow linoleum too!

 It's so good! I wish I could transplant it into my house. 
  We were on the lookout for a cheesy cheap souvenir place. Crystal wanted a cute shirt and I'm always in the market for shell art. We stopped here after seeing all their signs about t shirts and baby gators. 
 Look at that big taxidermy gator! They had baby caimans in a tank. Pretty cute.
 Crystal bought one of those weird shark fetuses.
 Florida classic: Jesus on the half shell.
 This one was just too good. I had to bring it home.
 We stopped for lunch in Gainesville at a place called Boca Fiesta. It was amazing! Maybe my favorite meal on the whole trip.
It was such a cute place. We loved the dinosaur/bones/saints theme.
 The chips and salsa were really amazing!
 Mmmmmmmm I had TVP tacos with rice and beans and watermelon. Best vegan tacos I've had! And I why isn't watermelon a side option more often? Crystal and Marc shared some kind of goat thing. It was kind of a weird place. Vegan options along side exotic meat offerings. They had some movie nights coming up, and a trivia night. Too bad it's not in Nashville.
 Nothing much happened for the rest of the trip. Lots of driving. We stopped in Atlanta to go to Junkman's Daughter and ate at the same pizza place we ate on the way down. I had to show you that pizza because who the heck knew that roasted potatoes would be so good on pizza!
We got home around 10 pm, picked up the pugs, and the fell into bed. What a great trip. 


  1. Looks amazing! Your Grandma's kitchen is so cool! We're going on holidays tomorrow to Portugal, can't wait! Holidays are the best!! x

  2. I love that wallpaper! ;)


  3. OMG I WANT TO LIVE AT YOUR GRANDMA'S HOUSE! So cute! That wallpaper! And I love the display of gators on sticks. Enjoying your trip vicariously!! :D

  4. I want to go to Florida now just to get one of the Jesus shells


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