Sunday, August 17, 2014

Souvenirs From the Road

Someone I follow on instagram (I can't remember who now) once posted a shot of the souvenirs she brought home from a road trip and I loved how it looked! So here is what I brought home from our 10 day trip! While we were there I remember thinking I hadn't bought much, but pulling it out from our suitcases......
 Close up on my wand and some CUTE spun head ornaments I picked up in Orlando!
 A paint by number, weather house, some Dream Pets, a cute plastic deer...
 The most perfect brooch!
 Travis got a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry mug. I brought those pumpkin juice bottles home to add to my Harry Potter shelf. The pot is a gift for my mom. You know I couldn't leave those shell people behind!
The woman selling these dream pets wanted 3 dollars each, which is great. Then I noticed and said outloud "It looks like this used to be a tiger and someone pulled the stripes off!" So she gave it to me as "a gift". Haha! Don't you love that dog's whiskers??
And my trinket box from Boom Art! It's hard to tell in this photo but there are a lot of sweet little glitter accents on the photo. I love it.
 And it's lined with space fabric!
All right, I think I'm officially done posting about our road trip to Florida! It was one of our best ever!


  1. Awesome treasures! I love those shell people on their little surfboards. The best!

  2. Wow such cool souvenirs, esp. The brooch, its soooo kitschy, I wish I could find something like that. I had a blast following you guys road trip, fun moments =)

  3. That star trek box looks so magical. I can't believe it's lined with space fabric as well. So rad.


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