Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lorain Antiques: Probably the best vintage shop I've been to, EVER!

Happy Thanksgiving! We're probably on our way to Bowling Green as you read this, ready to eat lots of field roast and vegan mashed potatoes! I thought I would celebrate today by posting about something I am thankful for, this amazing shop!
We hadn't done much vintage shopping on this trip. There was just so much to see! I read about this place on the Modcloth blog a few years ago (I keep extensive notes on places I want to go someday. Nerd alert.) Now you all know I have been to many vintage shops and antique malls over the years. And I've become a little spoiled with the great estate sales in Nashville. But Sweet Lorain's was something else! The best vintage shop I've been to EVER!
The first thing I saw was not one, not two, but SIX poodle bottle covers! You know, the ones I collect. It was a theme, if you were interested in something, they had 10 to 100 of that thing to choose from! It was incredible!
 Want some vintage necklaces? They have hundreds! There was a three tier display of enamel flowers too! I was zipping around with my mouth hanging open, not even sure where to look first! The guy working there said "Are you in your happy place?" Oh was I ever!
 I wondered if they had knee huggers or Dream Pet deer. They only had a bin full of each.
 Since it was close to Halloween they didn't have much Christmas out yet. i can't even imagine!
 And I know what you are wondering, how were the prices? They weren't flea market cheap of course, but everything was very reasonable! No price tag made me call the vendors delusional, which is something I do a lot. I never quite figured out how it worked, was it like an antique mall with different vendors, or did the owners of the store buy all this amazing stuff!
 I still can't get over it. I'm so used to the experience of walking through an antique mall and seeing one cool thing every few booths, with an occasional booth full of stuff I like. This whole place was full of stuff I like! I could have spent my entire souviner budget here!
 Even the bathroom was cute!
 So pink! So cute! The stalls were painted pink.
 The walls outside the bathroom were lined with vintage bathroom stuff. Loved every bit of it.
And the furniture! Not just one dinette set, I bet they had 10! And couches! And LAMPS! They might have had over 100 lamps, all cool! My head was spinning!
 I was very tempted by this poodle lady, who stores a set of curlers in her skirt!
 The last thing I need is vintage bar ware, but I love to look!
 And then there were these fish bowls FULL of vintage photos! Woah! I think we looked through six or seven. I didn't even get a close up look at the salt and pepper shakers. I just didn't have the strength!
 How many sections of vintage dog figurines can one store have??
 I didn't even get to the vintage clothes, which was probably a third of the store! I'm not much of a vintage clothing shopper, as I'm not really a vintage size. But I can't even imagine what is lurking in there! Travis found a BUNCH of cute men's jackets, but they were a little out of our budget, us being at the tail end of our vacation.
 I was tempted by this apron. Who is Larry? Who made him this apron? Is it a self portrait of him in just underwear, glasses, and boots?
 Here is just a tiny portion of their purses. You could spend hours digging here! We were going to go to a movie about an hour and a half after we got here, but I told Travis to forget it! I'm not sure how long we ended up staying, but it was hours!
 The man working there (might have been the owner) was great too. He sussed out my taste within moments and kept bringing me things I loved! He also printed off a list of his favorite places in Cleveland. Actually, Cleveland was the friendliest place we visited on our trip! Everyone was so nice and gave us tips on places to go and let us pet their pugs (I might have stopped two people and asked to pet their pugs. I was missing my girls!) Sweet Lorraine was amazing. We will be back for SURE!
 Here is what I brought home. The two best poodle covers of course, a POODLE TEA POT! I've seen lots of deer ones like it (I have two actually) but never a poodle! Two pennants and a pile of photos. The pennants are the start of our redo of the "Jesus hallway" in our house. I want to fill it with pennants and plates of places we have been.
 Close up of the poodle set! The cream and sugar bowls are missing the tops but I don't care! Beautiful!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Rae!!
    I would have cancelled the movie, too!! Jerome would have been sitting out on the curb waiting for me, ha ha! I love how you said about the s&p shakers "I didn't have the strength". I get it ;)
    Love what you brought home but that poodle curler holder must have been pricey for you to leave it behind. She looks a like a character straight out of Peewee's Playhouse! So cute! Love her blue eye lids and long lashes.

    1. yes it was close to 50 dollars! i'm loathe to spend even 20 dollars on most things!

  2. I am kinda bummed that the jesus hallway is coming to an end. Please let me raid all that stuff before you get rid of it! I love me some iconography.

  3. OMG OMG OMG you are right Rae, this is one of the best vintage stores I ever seen in my life. I guess Cleveland has pretty cool stores and people hein?

    1. it was such a fun place! we'll be back for sure.

  4. all I can summon right now is "WOW"

  5. OMG ive just google how far is it from Pittsurgh (my aunt and uncle live there) to cleveland! Only 2hrs 5 mins! Saving starts tomorrow!

    1. yes do it! we're too far to make it a quick trip, i wish i was that close!


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