Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quick Stop in Baltimore

After DC we headed to Philadelphia for the night. On the way we stopped in Baltimore, with a plan of just getting a quick lunch and then heading out. But we ended up having a great time and staying for a few hours! I wish I would have planned a whole day in the city.
As soon as we got into town we stopped to pay our respects to Edgar Allan Poe. The house was closed (everything in Baltimore seems to be closed on Mondays) but it was a nice quick stop. Baltimore turned out of be full of graves we wanted to visit, but I'll tell you more about that later.
We ate lunch at a place called Golden West Cafe. It was so cute! It felt like how I would decorate a restaurant if I owned one. I can't remember if this place was a suggestion or if I found it. Thank you if you suggested it to me!
Look! I love the palm trees. And the bison head. And Travis.
We started with garlic fries. Yum.
Travis got a vegan burrito.
And I got coconut vegan french toast. It was AMAZING.
We wanted to check out an oddities shop in the area and decided to walk since it was a nice day. We found so many cute shops! We could probably have stayed even longer.
Travis suggested we stop into Trohv because they had tiffin containers in the window, and I'm so glad we did! It was full of cute stuff! Since we were just getting started on our trip I didn't want to spend much money, but I could have! Travis got a cute flask.
 bought one of these great Baltimore shirts.
I loved this hand painted globe.
We finally made it down to Bazaar. Again, I didn't want to spend much because we had just gotten started. I really wanted this taxidermy baby goat they had! Or a pikachu mouse!
Or this cute ermine to go with my other one! I wish I could remember the name of the guy behind the counter. He was very nice and gave us some suggestions of places to go. I ended up buying a cool print as a gift and some vintage photos.
To bad this place was closed. The store only sells painted crab shells! They had that scream guy with a Santa hat too. Very festive.
On our way out of town we made a stop in Towson to pay our respects to Harris Glenn Milstead. Better known as Divine. I brought him some hot pink roses and cleaned some weird (in a bad way) graffiti off his tomb. I'm sorry people have defaced it so much. I do like that someone painted the nails on the praying hand. I heard that at Christmas someone brings a little tree and decorates it with fake nails. Cute!
RIP Divine.
Travis found this beautiful drink on our way out of town. I love elderflower stuff!
Now on to Philadelphia.


  1. Balto was my old stompin' grounds in college. I went to school in Towson but then again Divine was still alive....yes I am THAT old! lolz
    I'll have to put this cemetery stop on my list next time I am going through the area.

  2. It's lovely that you took the time to visit the resting place of Divine. Such a wonderful person.

  3. Baltimore looks awesome! Iv ealways wanted to see Edgar;s house and grave Ive been to his Bronx cottage. I also love elderflower presse
    retro rover

  4. I'm so glad you cleaned off Divine's grave. After watching his doc, I felt like I knew hhim...and loved him.


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