Monday, November 10, 2014

Beautiful Green Mount Cemetery

One place we visited in Baltimore that needed it's own post was Green Mount Cemetery. We hadn't been to an old cemetery in a while, and this one is beautiful! We stopped at the front gate and got a map so we could find the graves we were looking for.
The main attraction for us was the grave of the man who patented the Ouija Board, Elijah Bond! His grave was originally unmarked but Robert Murch, Ouija expert, commissioned this gravestone for him in 2007. It's pretty amazing right?
I really loved the flowers of this stone. Aren't they beautiful?
And the drapery!
Son Father Mother Son
While looking at the brochure we found out that John Wilkes Booth is also buried there in an unmarked grave in his family plot. Travis had to check that out!
People leave pennies on the grave, Lincoln head up. Take that JWB.
Some other Booth family graves had these pretty scrolls draped on the edges.
I loved this vine and floral pattern too. Simple and gorgeous.
How cool does this map look? It makes it look way bigger than it is. The red circles are graves of note. Lots of them were local politicians. I found out after we got back there was a famous side show half man buried there too. Cool!
Before we left we went into part of the gate house to use the facilities. I love that aqua door and the pink trim!
And look at this cute old time clock! One of the guys on the grounds crew came in while I was taking this photo and probably thought I was crazy!


  1. I've never walked around a cemetery to take pictures - guess I might have to give that a try next spring!!! It's snowing today!!

    1. A graveyard in the snow is the prettiest thing! hint hint! haha x

    2. you should! especially an old one. the old monuments are just so beautiful, and the wear on them only makes them more stunning!

  2. I love that people are using pennies to stick it to John Wilkes Booth beyond the grave. That made my day.

  3. If I ever visit I am going to brink one of those ouija pieces and use it on the gravestone.

    1. it wouldn't work since the stone is upright! and i'd be FREAKED OUT! we did it ONCE in the middle of the night out in a park and it was working and so scary!

  4. Gorgeous!!! I love, love, love old cemeteries and this one is a beaut!!! I only tried using a Ouija board once when we were probably 11 in the middle of the day, in a well-lit room. The results were questionable...but I love that gravestone!


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