Monday, November 10, 2014

Roadtrip Day Three: Philadelphia

Just like Baltimore, I wish I would have scheduled a little more time in Philadelphia. We arrived in the late afternoon, and were gone the next day by one. What little of the town we saw was great!
We stayed in the red brick building at this air bnb listing. It was awesome because we could pretty much walk to everything.
Our host was really cool, and he had a pink tile bathroom! I am jealous every time I see one, even though he lamented that his was the only bathroom in the building not remodeled yet. I love living where we do, but it is fun to stay right in the middle of the city and pretend we live a cool urban life.
Our first act was to walk down to Chinatown to check out an all vegan Chinese restaurant that was suggested to us. Travis used to eat Chinese all the time, so he was stoked to be able to get some!
It was just like a "regular" Chinese restaurant. Pretty exciting. We got the dinner deal and it came with soup, an appetizer, entree and then vegan ice cream or fried bananas at the end! It was all pretty good. I really loved my wonton soup.
After dinner we went to North Bowl! I found it on while looking for old style photobooths to visit on our trip. I'm so glad I thought to look there because it was very cute and a fun way to pass the night. 
Right? And look at that beautiful photobooth. We were only able to visit two on our trip, I was sure there were going to be more on our route!
Their vending machine was full of weird stuff. Such a good idea!
We bowled two games on one of the upstairs lanes. It goes so fast when it's just the two of you. We were bowling next to another guy from Nashville, how weird!
They had this funny feature where you could take a picture for the background of your game. Travis took full advantage.
And then of course we had to play a little Star Trek pinball.
After a few hours of games we took an Uber back to our apartment and watched one of the dvds included. Look at that collection! I love how that whole wall of dvds looks. We picked Female Trouble since we had visited Divine's grave earlier in the day.
The next morning we went to the main attraction in Philadelphia (for us and fellow weirdos) The Mutter Museum. It is part of the Physicians College and is a collection of medical oddities. You heard that right!
You got these little clip on pink tickets and then have free reign. They don't allow photos inside, which is TORTURE! There were so many cool skeletons of conjoined twins and a giant! And a 75 lb colon! And weird heads that were preserved in slices! And a whole wall of skulls!
Here is a photo from the website so you can kind of see what it was like. It was so cool. I liked that even though the subjects were often spectacular or strange, the whole place was set up very respectfully. That is probably why they don't allow photos. This place is worth a trip for sure!
After the museum we had to get out of town because we were expected in Marblehead, 5 hours away, that afternoon. We made a quick stop at Blackbird Pizzeria, an all vegan pizza place that was recommended to us.
I got a piece of the tropical pizza that was good and Travis loved his vegan Philly Cheesesteak. The only bummer was the fries, they were so terrible! I couldn't believe it!
I wish we'd had time to get some kind of road trip tattoo. I would have picked this place! We'll have to go back to Philadelphia sometime so we can see more of the city.


  1. Thank you for visiting me today. It looks to me like you had a very busy day!

  2. Your posts really make me want to visit the US. So many vegan options!

    1. yes! we are talking about going to portland oregon next year, because it is supposed to be a vegan meca!

  3. I love going to philly! my favorite place is the franklin fountain

    retro rover

  4. So jealous you went to the Mutter Museum. I am going on my next Philly trip. You need to check out Eastern State Penitentiary. So much to see there.

    1. it was amazing. i wish it was close so i could go again and listen to all the audio tour stuff. we just didn't have time!

  5. Tattooed Mom isn't a tattoo parlor, it's actually an awesome bar! I'm pretty sure you would have loved it - the downstairs is bedecked in fabulous mint green, velvet, and vinyl 1950s decor and the upstairs is all graffitied and punk rock. One of my best friends lives up the street - and she had her birthday party at North Bowl!

    1. aw man! i wish we would have seen it the night before!


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