Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Pez Welcome Center!

We drove from Philadelphia from Marble Head, Massachusetts on Tuesday. It was about a six hour drive, but we made a few stops to break up the trip.
Road snacks are very important.
Of course we had to stop by the World's Largest Tooth!
I love that they have these statues of confused old people right next to it.
We finally got to Orange, Connecticut, home of the Pez Welcome Center! Ah!
Remember that time we went to the Pez Convention in St. Louis? We're not big collectors, but I love looking at vintage Pez, and eating Pez! I'm so happy it's vegan!
The only thing I didn't like is they had the World's Largest Pez dispenser right inside the door, making it impossible to get a good photo!
Everything was decked out for Halloween.
There was so much cool vintage Pez stuff. Like these Pez lady illustrations.
The vintage graphics were all so cute! I took SO many photos. I want one of these vending machines for my house! And I need a tiny dispenser for my bento boxes!
There were tons of photos of Pez girls in these outfits. They traveled around handing out samples. They even had a Pez jacket ( you can see it on the right in the background) that is the only known one in existence.
Look at how cute! What a fun job!
How would you like to try flower flavored Pez, or chlorophyll?
Of course there were cases with all the different dispensers lined up. Look at those witches!
And the bunnies! I have one of those yellow guys with a green stem.
I want one of these full body Santas! They go for over $100 dollars though. Maybe I'll come across one at a yard sale or something....a girl can dream!
All their old ads are cute too. I bet they switch them out during the year. We got Halloween since it was the middle of October.
I want that Casper too!
The welcome center is attached to the factory so you can see a little bit through some big windows. Not much action though.
There was a game where you had to look at close up pictures of Pez and figure out which figures they were. If you got them all right you got to spin this little Pez wheel for a free dispenser. Very exciting! We got the raccoon.
I looooooove these vintage Snow White ones! Especially the pink and blue one. I found a listing for one similar on eBay, only $600! Isn't she pretty?
I also love those eyeball hand Pez. Thankfully they have a little "for collectors" section in the gift shop that included those guys in several colors. I got one!
Pez guns!
Of course we had to get one of these little buckets and fill it with Pez! I like strawberry and lemon the best. I feel like it is a great deal!
Here I am with our bags of loot! And the penny machine! The blue bag is all stuff for my friend Ryan, who collects. Can you believe our bag of stuff was actually a little bit more expensive? Crazy! We LOVED the Pez Welcome Center! It was one of my favorite stops on the trip! Definitely worth a trip, and only 5 bucks!
We continued on to Massachusetts and had dinner at Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge. I was very excited about it because it is a vegetarian old style diner! What?!
It was so cute! It was crowded and I had a hard time getting pics though. Just trust me.
I had "Caul of the Sea" which is cauliflower breaded and fried like fish and chips.  I had never heard of it before, but it was AMAZING! That was one of my favorite things to eat before going vegan and this is a pretty good substitute. The only thing that sucks is the service was TERRIBLE. Our waitress was so bad and left all of our dirty dishes on the table the entire meal (and we had a tiny table) and when I asked if certain things were vegan (the place serves dairy and nothing on the menu is marked, which is annoying) she was super rude about it. That seems to be the regular experience at Veggie Galaxy. Great food, but awful service.
But they had Boston creme pie, another old favorite I haven't had in years. Yum.
Look at that dessert case. I'd go back, even with the bad service, just cuz the food was good and I loved a diner experience. Wait wait, is that a vegan meringue pie? How did I miss that??
We drove through Boston and to our rental in Marblehead, arriving a little after ten. Wait until I show you this place, it was so cool! I'll be back soon with tales of our time in Salem, the Witch City!


  1. I collect PEZ dispensers, and going to this place is on my bucket list! Why am I in another country, it looks so awesome!!

    1. you will love it! it was even better than i expected.

  2. There is so much awesome in this post I don't even know where to begin. Probably with the confused old people statues because ... WHAT? hahaha whyyy? WWHYYYY are they there?

    And then the whole pez place. I want to go to there.

    And then the caul of the sea looks SO GOOD. I seriously love every time you post, you guys are so cool. haha I'm a fan.

    1. haha, thanks!
      the old people statues were my favorite. i thought they were real when we pulled up!

  3. I wish I liked Pez. It is so gross to me, but I love Pez dispensers. I probably could have spent a whole day taking photos by the confused old people statues.

  4. Wow, I never knew the Pez Welcome Center existed! I love how the bench is made to look like giant packs of Pez. Veggie Galaxy is delicious! I always stare at the dessert case the whole time I'm there. Can't wait to see more Massachusetts stuff on your trip! :)


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