Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day Phyllis!

Can you believe it? We've had our little Phyllis for 4 years! Travis found her at an adoption event at the zoo, you can read about why and how Phyllis came to live with us here. Warning, it is a sad story, but it has a happy ending! Here are some of my favorite photos of my sweet girl from this, her fourth year with us.
We're not sure how old she is. They estimated 3 to 7 when we got her, so she is now 7 to 11. Sweet old almost toothless lady. She has her senior check up on Friday send her some good juju, I'm worried about one of her eyes. It's been real dry lately.
 I bet I was eating. That always gets her attention.
 That face!

 The teeth! (or lack there of, she only has those three on the bottom front.)
Meeting Tuna. She was star struck!
 Look at that grey face. I really wish I knew how old she was.
Here she is when Travis brought her home. She didn't know yet what kind of great life she was going to have. Look at that worried face! I'm forever thankful to Travis for heading to that adoption fair even though I wasn't sure it was a good idea.
To celebrate today I am letting Phyllis sleep in my lap and we had a long session of her favorite game. Basically you scratch her back like crazy right above the tail while she tries to throw a toy around. It is so cute! Here's to you Phyllis! We love you so much!


  1. Awww I love your old ladies! Happy gotcha day.

  2. We love you Phyliss!! You are one lucky girl having such a wonderful family, and they are soo lucky to have you!
    Happy Gotcha Day sweet one.. And here is Ju ju for your eye!
    You are sooo adorables!

  3. Lucky little girl! Happy 4th year!

  4. she is so so cute I love that little tartan coat

    retro rover

    1. isn't it sweet? it is from the vintage wardrobe of a shih tzu! I bought it at an estate sale, along with a mid century dog dish, and a photo of said shih tzu in a corduroy jacket! I missed out on the atomic looking dog bed though. someone beat me to it!

  5. YAY PHYLLIS!!! You guys absolutely are making her golden years special.

  6. What an adorable pooch - happy 4th year together! :)

  7. I can't believe it's been four years! I think she just gets cuter and cuter with age!

  8. Happy Gotcha Day to Phyllis ... Here's to at least 4 more years!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn, too!!!!!!

  9. This makes me so happy! Nothing like a dog finding it's perfect home and being completely loved!


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