Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2 Years!

Phyllis has now been a part of our little family for two years this month! Even though dogs don't care, I wish I knew her real birthday and how old she is, but since we don't know, we celebrate her "gotcha day!" every year in November. Here she is with her gifts!
 We don't give the pugs many treats or chewy toys because they both have to stay on the small side to help with their bad joints. But a few times a year is ok! I got some cupcakes from a local dog bakery, a lamp chop, and new little hand made collar, some omega bones, and even a bully stick. The bully stick really grosses me out but they seem to be a pug favorite online, so I broke down and got one. I can't even type out what it really is, you can look it up if you want. So sick!
 Do you like her pom pom hat? It was made by me. Kills me every time.
 Look at those eyes bugging out over the bully stick! Side note: since getting those teeth pulled it is almost like she is another dog! She is so much more interested in playing, chewing, and running around now! Poor thing, those bad teeth must have been causing her a lot of pain. 
 She actually lost interest in it pretty quickly. I think because it was hard for her to hold in comfortably with just one front leg. 
But her sister had no problem picking up the slack. This is actually the first time Priscilla was ok being left on the floor when I was on the couch. Usually she would bark at me until I picked her up, but not with that gross thing! She chewed it for over an hour, then Phyllis took over. We actually ended up throwing it away after a little bit because it STUNK so bad! Haha, I'm a mean pug mom.
The story of how we got Phyllis starts sad but ends happily. I didn't post much on this blog when it happened so this story hasn't been shared here and I feel like I need to add it in case someone goes back in the archives and sees posts about her and wants to know what happened. 
Before we got Phyllis, we had our first dog, Rose. She was a black pug that we got from a local animal rescue. We waited until we bought our house to get a dog because we wanted a yard for it to run in. We hadn't been looking for a pug, just a small dog that wouldn't chase the cats, but she made us fall in love with the breed. We only had her for about 9 months, but I was totally in love with her. She was sweet and smart and a mama's girl. Sadly she was killed in front of me one day when she jerked her leash out of my hand in a parking lot. It was incredibly traumatic for me, obviously. I don't know how long it would have taken me to begin to heal from the experience if it wasn't for Phyllis. 
About a week after it happened Travis went to a rescue event while I was at work (my first day back) and asked if any of the booths had a pug. Phyllis was the last dog left at the Metro Animal Control booth. She was found as a stray and had been at the pound for almost six weeks. He said as he walked back to the car with her in his arms, people at all the other booths were cheering for Phyllis because they had been rooting for her to find a home. I guess a three legged dog is a turn off for a lot of people? He brought her home and while I had been unsure whether it was too soon to bring home another pug, it was absolutely the right choice. Phyllis needed me just as much as I needed her. 
I still think of Rose pretty frequently, but I can look at pictures and posts about her without crying now. Though I did cry today going through all my photos to choose a few for this post. She was such a great dog and it is terrible that her life was cut short so soon after she was in a real, loving, forever home. Here are a few photos of her.
We were both totally in love with her. I have a tribute tattoo on my foot that I got while she was still alive, that is how rad she was.

(That outfit was for a themed fourth of july party by the way, ha!)
So here is to Phyllis! My little life saver. And also to Rose, for getting me addicted to pugs. Here is to many more years with my sweet tiny tripod!


  1. So many emotions just reading the post. happy Gotcha day Phyllis..too many many more. Hugs for you both today these little dogs have such a hug impact on our lives.

    The Girls and Jenn

  2. oh my gosh - phyllis is so sweet - happy gotcha day to her! we are celebrating lucy's birthday this weekend!! so exciting!!

    and rose - what a sweet, beautiful girl!! she looks like she was a wonderful friend.

  3. I can tell that your love for dogs (in general) runs just as deep as it does for our family. We are obsessed! They're the center of our world pretty much! I don't know what I would do if anything like what happend to Rosie, happend to my Noel. I'm so so sorry that you had to go through that Rae. I just can't imagine. Thank God that you were able to open your heart right up again for Phyllis. She is a doll, and was obviously meant to find you and Travis...and her sister!
    OK...going to Google "Bully Stick" I'm scared! lol
    Also, we have that Lamb Chop. It's a big hit around here.

    1. the lampchop is my favorite! i've given them a few. once they destroy it i have to get another one!

  4. I love the pom pom hat! I had a dog like Rose once. Murphy was a rescue, a wire haired dachshund, gentle and sweet and devoted to me (as I was to him). He's been gone 17 years and I still love him dearly!

  5. I cried over your pug loss :(

    I think Phyllis was a great heart filler at the perfect time.

    I am so glad she is feeling better--although that stick thing is GROSS!!

    Happy Got-her Day adorable pug face Phyllis!!

  6. Those bully sticks DO stink to high heaven! I haven't bought Winky any since there've been some recalls for salmonella, though. None in my area, but I still get worried.

    Geez, *I* still tear up whenever you write about Rose! <3 Happy gotcha day to Phyllis!

  7. This is a beautiful post, it made me tear up quite a bit. Your tattoo is such a wonderful tribute to Rosie.

    Happy Gotcha Day to Phylis, she looks like such a doll :)


  8. I never knew what happened to rose but I knew you loved her tremendously. Perhaps she sent you Phyllis in a weird way

  9. Such an emotional post. Thank you for sharing your story. I work as a veterinary nurse and unfortunately what happened to you seems to happen quite a lot. I am soo sorry for your loss, and so happy that phillys filled your heart with love.

  10. Aw the mental image of Phyllis as the last one left just waiting for you, so sad and adorable. At least Rose got 9 months of a very loving family--happy Gotcha day to you all! (also I love the pompom) x

  11. Happy birthday, and what a tragic story. You are very strong to get over it. I was so terrified when Weasley jerked his leash bcuase I know what can happen. Phyllis is so lucky to have you

    urban hounds

  12. this was such an awesome post and the best way to start my day. i'm so happy your girls have such a loving home and i still remember when you posted about rose. i cried at work because i felt so terribly for you! i like to think she's playing around in doggy heaven with my keller.

  13. You'll never forget her! This is a really nice tribute to Rose -

  14. This is a lovely post, I'm so sorry you lost your pup but Happy Gottaversary to Phyliss, who is a superstar. I love the cute bobble you've put on her in the top photos. x

  15. She looks so darling in her pom pom hat! Happy Gotcha Day, Phyllis, Rae, Travis and Priscilla!!

    (And, I teared up too hearing Rose's story, but I like the comment above about Phyllis being sent your way by Rose).

  16. Oh yep, I'm bawling over here. For the tragic loss of your beautiful Rose - I just can't imagine. I'm so, so sorry - and for your adoption story with Phyllis. It's hard to believe that a pup as amazing as her could be the last one left at adoption day but then again, when I see how much you and Travis love her and dote on her, I know that it was all fate with a capital "F". Those photos of Phyllis in her little pom-pom hat are just THE cat's meow. Here's to her!

  17. Happy gotcha day! Damn, that picture of her in the pom poms, omg too freakin adorable.
    So I've never heard of a bully stick, but I'm pretty sure Captains had them since we spoil him... and I had to look it up and now I am a bit grossed out. I mean I guess it's for the dogs and they love them.. and atleast they're using every part of the animal, right?
    Anyways I wanted to say, I'm pretty sure I started following you around the time you got your tattoo, because I remember seeing pictures of your feet and then wanting to know the story as to why you got it but you never really explained it. I even went searching through your blog for a while cause 'm so nosey! Anyways I'm sorry that happened to you.
    And I'm sorry for the super long comment.

  18. Oh sweetie. That is such a sad and sweet story. But isn't it amazing how pets come to us at just the right time? I'm just really happy that Rose got to know the love of a forever home. That means a lot.

    Also, Love Phyllis in the pompom bow. :)

  19. Cutest pupster....ever. I'm so sorry to hear about your first pug, but I'm glad for happy ending and Miss Phyllis. She really COULD NOT have a sweeter expression in all the pictures you post of her (and her sister Priscilla, too!). The one where she's got her little paw on the stick is just killing me.

  20. Aww, wee Rose, that's so sad. Phyllis is adorable! Happy gotcha day to you all xx

  21. Pictures of Phyliss make me happy! Her sad little bug-eyed face is the cutest thing EVER. Happy gotcha day!

  22. Oh man, that first photo is just *precious* (and i save that word for very special things haha)

    This post is so sweet and as a fellow animal lover, I'm amazed at how much pets can change our lives. I'm so happy that you all found each other :)

    Happy Gotcha day Phyllis! with love from rzy (and Mika and Miu too!) xo

  23. This post just made me cry. You and Phyllis are very lucky to have found each other.
    I always look forward to your pug posts, your dogs are absolutely gorgeous and it really shines through how much you care about them.

    Happy Gotcha day Phyllis!! I just looked up what a "bully stick" is, I think it's safe to say Holly and Effy won't be getting one any time soon haha! Sounds discusting.

  24. Happy Gotcha Day Phyllis. Sorry to hear about Rose.

  25. I can't imagine how difficult it was to lose Rose that way.. It's unbearable when such a supremely loved pet dies too soon, and so suddenly too. But oh my, Phyllis is amazing. She kills me every time I see a photo. I love her! I think she is a pretty amazing silver lining to such a sad story.

  26. It's always nice how things have a weird way of working out. Our bulldog died suddenly too and I was heartbroken and stayed home for a week crying. My parents were friends with her breeder so they took me up to play with their dogs to help me (and my mom) feel a bit better, and it turns out they had a puppy that had been returned (after only a week...) on the same day my other dog died. She's been the most perfect dog for my family for 10 years.


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