Thursday, November 15, 2012

Collection 16: Bookshelf Games!

We are big game fans over here. Not video games, even dorkier, we are really into board games! We have TONS of them and when my best friends come over we usually end up playing games. Our current favorite is Settlers of Catan. For real ya'll, that game is so fun! I can almost never resist a vintage board game at an estates sale or at a thrift store. I've started a little collection of these bookshelf games by 3M. 

They were made from 1962 to 1974, and they are geared at adults. They are almost all abstract strategy games or economic games. The first one I played was Stocks and Bonds. My friend Thomas bought it and it sounds boring, you buy and sell stocks with the market changes, but I really loved it! There was lots of easy math and I felt like I was doing the budget, which I love! I found that one at the Goodwill Outlet. We got Quinto at a yard sale, and the other three at an estate sale.
The plain ones are the older ones. They look like a leather wrapped book so they look "classy" on your shelf. The Oh-Wah-Ree game was actually marked as a book at a sale. So far we have only played Stocks and Bonds, and Quinto. That one is kind of like scrabble but with numbers.
I love the photos on the back of the boxes! You can tell they really wanted to create a sophisticated scene. There are 27 games in the set, you can see a list with descriptions here at Board Game Geek.
They are really nice games. I hope I can find more of them! 


  1. I've played Catan!,

    We love games too,we were just wondering the other day if children growing up now will even be interested in games, that aren't electronic. What do you think?

    1. My grandchildren - ages 6 to 16 - all love card and board games, like Parcheesi, Uno, Monopoly and The Game of Life. So there's hope! I think it helps that their parents have always set a limit on their electronics use.

  2. There's nothing cooler than old board games! I love the peeks at your collections.

    What Lola Wants

  3. Wow, these are pretty! So much better than all the ugly Settlers expansions we have stuffed into the side cabinet. Settlers is our favorite game, too, and we're always looking for other people who want to play... Just sayin'... :)

  4. Aaaah! These are so neat! The "Oh Wah Ree" one looks like that 1962 Revlon Cleopatra ad. You only need 22 more volumes for a complete set (can you imagine people in the sixties' going, "YES! WE NOW HAVE A COMPLETE SET!")! I'll keep an eye out on these for you in the future. :)

  5. Ive never seem these before. They look beautiful.

  6. CATAN! Can I play? I have wood for your sheep. teehee.

  7. Thank you for coming to check on me!
    You always find the most fun stuffs!

  8. I love board games! I'll never understand why no one wants to play them with me..

  9. Those are so cool! I want to play Oh Wah Ree...mostly because the picture on the front is so great.

  10. I love these games - may have to start a collection (I only have two of them, and three makes a collection, right?). I still have the two my parents purchased in the early 1960s - Acquire and Oh-Wah-Ree. My brother and I used to play Oh-Wah-Ree all the time - love that one! At the time, I think my dad, an international finance professor, bought Acquire because of his field, and no one else in the family understood the game! Thanks for a fun article!


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