Wednesday, December 3, 2014

100 Books 2014: 69-92

So obviously I got behind sharing the books I've been reading as part of my 100 books in 2014 goal. So I'm just going to share the ones I really liked and think you should check out. I've read a few duds this year, but mostly great stuff. I'm so close to my goal too!
69. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See For some reason I love reading books about ancient China. The most interesting parts of this book to me were all the parts about foot binding. It is fascinating and horrifying! I couldn't put this book down. //

70. The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld Nova recommend this book on her blog and I loved it. It is told from the point of view of a death row inmate. He is an unreliable narrator and you never get the full story, which is a little disappointing, but I enjoyed how it was written. It was a perfect mix of realistic and surreal //
71. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt I had to wait FOREVER for this to be available at the library. It is really popular right now and it deserves it! The cover looks boring but the writing is wonderful. We catch up with the narrator at different ages and the author does a great job making his voice seem authentic and change just enough with age. It is long, but it felt like it flew by and I wasn't ready for it to be over. I recommend this one for sure. //
72. Saga: Volume 3 by Brian K Vaughan The third volume of this awesome still running comic series. Just as good as the first two, beautiful artwork, compelling characters, lots of surprises. Volume Four comes out really soon and I can't wait to read it! //
The Chrestomanci Series by Diana Wynne Jones: I read some of Jones books earlier in the year and loved them. She wrote Howl's Moving Castle among others. This series takes place in an alternate universe where magic is an everyday thing. The Chrestomanci is a title and is given to a powerful enchanter who can travel between alternate worlds and makes sure people with magic are misusing it to rule non magical people. I love the way Jones writes and Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant were great and I could see myself reading them over and over again when I was a kid. The series isn't really liner and each book stands alone and has different characters. Witch Week takes place in another world where witchcraft is outlawed and they are still burning witches at the stake in modern times. The Magicians of Caprona is about magical families in Italy and was my least favorite. There are two more in the series, I might end my year with those.
73. Charmed Life //
74. The Lives of Christopher Chant //
75. Witch Week // 
76. The Magicians of Caprona //
77. Breakfast and Tiffany's and Three Short Stories by Truman Capote I have always liked the movie and I loved In Cold Blood so I gave this a try. The titular story is good, but the other three at the end of the book were amazing! They left me wishing they were all full books, but they didn't feel incomplete. The rest of Capote's work is on my to read list now. //
78. Carsick by John Waters You might have heard about John Waters hitchhiking across America a few summers ago. This is his book about the experience. Most of it is comprised of things that MIGHT happen, then the end of the book is what actually did. It was honestly ok. The actual trip wasn't super eventful so I guess he had to dress it up with the maybes at the beginning. Worth a read if you're a fan. Crackpot is still his best book! //
79. The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro //
80. The Fall by Guillermo Del Toro //
81. The Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro This series started out really great and interesting but really lost it by the end. // 
82. Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandall //
83. China Dolls by Lisa See //
84. For Today I am a Boy by Kim Fu //
85. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan //
86. One Thousand White Woman: The Journals of Mary Dodd by Jim Fergus
87. Dreamcatcher by Stephen King I promised Travis I would read this book because he loves it. I barely made it through! About 200 of the 800+ pages are interesting. Sorry Stephen King. //
88. Brutal Youth by Anthony Breznican //
89. The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien I'm not usually into war stories, but this book is great. It starts out talking about the different things soldiers carried and how much they weighed. I really liked this book. It probably should have been up near the top of this list. //
90. Popular :Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek by Maya Van Wagenen //
91. Just Between Us by J. H. Trumble //
92. Role Models by John Waters Some of essays in here about John Waters' role models are great, like his essay about the Manson family, some are just too indulgent and boring if you aren't versed in the topic he is talking about (the fashion chapter) My least favorite of his books. //
93. 20th Century Ghost Stories by Joe Hill The last Joe Hill book I hadn't read. Lots of short stores, some scary. I liked it.

I'm getting there! Unless something unforeseen happens, I think I'll make my 100 book goal with some time to spare! If I make it, I think I'll reread all the Harry Potter books as a treat. Because I am a nerd.

Have you read anything good lately? Are you on Good Reads? Are we friends on there yet? Let's talk about books!


  1. Ooh this is great! I've been interested in finding some promising new reads. Definitely interested in "Whistling Past the Graveyard". A lovely collection of short stories I read is called "Vampires in the Lemon Grove" by Karen Russell. :) Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I want to read carsick so much!!!! I love John Waters.


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