Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Collections: Putz Houses and Chritmas Corsages

I was looking through old posts from 2013 and saw one where I wished that this year I would find some putz houses at a yard sale for cheap. Well my wish came true! I finally have my very own putz village!
Aren't they sweet? I haven't found the best way to display them yet. I'm hoping by next year we'll have our wall of  build-ins done and i can put out some fake snow and really do it up!
I have so many pink ones! I might buy some vintage repro windows to fix the ones that are broken. Or maybe I'll just leave them. It doesn't bother me that much.
That big white one of my favorite I think.
I love Christmas corsages, I could have sworn I did a post about them before, but I guess not. I can never pass them up! I need to find a cool way to display them. I used to put them on a macrame tree thing but I don't have a good place to hang it.
Here they are! SO beautiful. The pine cones! The plastic flowers! The little mercury balls! I love them all. The one with the spun head Santa and the weird neon orange burst is my favorite. Or the pink one with the tiny reindeer.
I have one Christmas bow tie, but I'm on the look out for more! I usually wear it in my hair to work the few days before Christmas. It is so cute!


  1. I love your little houses AND your corsages! Neat stuff!

  2. Check out Retro Renovation today - someone made a wreath out of Christmas corsages!

    1. that is INCREDIBLE> i can't believe i never thought of it! i have a whole bin full of supplies to make corsages, i can just make a wreath instead!

  3. Two of my absolute favorite things! Putz houses and corsages! I haven't found a good way to display my corsages either. Your collections are great!
    Erica :)

  4. I love xmas corsages and have a lovely one I fear I damaged a bit, sigh, yours are darling

    retro rover

  5. We had those villages when I was a child in the 1950's and they had red cellophane windows which would be easy to replicate. They also had holes in the back to put a tree light through and the lights would shine through the windows so they orgianlly were menat to "hang" on the tree.
    Ruth from Oxnard CA

  6. What an amazing find!!!!! I love little houses. As well as those crazy vintage corsages. I have one small tree that I put all of my thrifted and rescued vintage ornaments all of the scary (that's what my kids call them ha ha) santas, elves and snowmen. Have fun and happy collecting :)

  7. So great! I also collect putz houses! I love them so much!!


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