Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Decorating: My Mantle

It's Christmas Eve! I'm probably at work as you're reading this, but I can't wait to come home and spend the evening cuddled up with Travis and the pugs. We're going to make a seitan roast from this recipe book (wish me luck! i hope it turns out) and watch movies.This is the busiest time of year for both our jobs and we're ready for a little break.
Here are some more of my decorations. I love my mantle. Maybe I can get Travis to build us a fire tonight!
Lady head with some mercury picks!
I didn't find any pine cone gnomes this year. But I did find a few cheap boxes of indent ornaments.
A favorite Christmas card, my sweet ermine, and a decorated monkey tail.
That jaunty deer is one of my favorites. And that little jar of old candy decorated with felt.
I might have a few more stockings than we need. Travis bought the dog house one for Phyllis when we first got her. It was so sweet and I love putting it up every year. Priscilla's is that granny square one. And I pretend the rest are for the cats though they don't get stockings. They don't care about treats! The two on the right are mine and Travis's. We made them for each other when we were dating. He keeps trying to buy me a new one but I love mine. He sewed it from scratch and picked the blue velvety and puppy Christmas fabric.
The bottom shelf of our built in is always a Harry Potter shelf. The rest changes for the holidays.
I went to a estate sale just to get that tree. It is like a box top with felt glued on. Isn't she sweet?
I have a pile of vintage Christmas photos and this is one of my favorites. One year I'll wrap our front door in foil! Isn't it a stunning look?
That angel is a new addition this year. She has a china head and a mesh layer over paper. And glittery arms. The photo in front of her is a marching band in the snow.
Even our tv gets a little festive touch.


  1. Merry Christmas to you, Travis and your furry ones!

  2. Digging the mantle...with that wallpaper and the deer head and the scattered holiday...looks just so quirky and festive. You did a great job. Merry Christmas

  3. I love all of it- especially the monkey tail!! Last year we wrapped our friends' tree, doormat, light fixtures, and door in foil as a Christmas surprise. They kept it up for awhile and then reused all the foil!!!!! Waste not, want not I guess...

  4. Nice decor! Love the three you found at estate sale. Merry Christmas!

    1. Lol just noticed i put three instead of tree


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