Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Decorating: Part Two!

When I decorate I focus mostly on my living room and this hutch in my dining room. One day I'll have a beautiful mid century hutch in here but for now this one that Travis painted works! I put my Dream Pet reindeer here.
And some of my Santas too. Quite a few of my Santa mugs fell victim to curious kitties last year, I thought they would be more secure  up here.
Little Styrofoam pixie on my tangerines! Are you obsessed with them too? I'm eating 5 to 10 a day!
I love this toilet paper roll turned crochet candle. I added the little spun head Santa this year. I bought him at a vintage shop in Columbus. It was my only purchase and the woman ringing me up laughed!
There are usually apples in the bowl, guarded by Santa and a reindeer who has seen better days.
Little choir of spun head angels.
Close up on this amazing record. Look at Bob Ward! I love the styling. And the record is clear red vinyl, of course!


  1. haha I love that record! My dad's name is Bob Ward. Too funny! :)

  2. Love it! You have such great Christmas collections!

  3. Love all those dream deer! Great holiday display. Merry Christmas!


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