Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Decorating! Part One!

Vintage Christmas is my favorite kind of vintage! I love pulling out my decorations every year and I'm really happy with how everything came out! I've got a couple posts worth to share with you over the next few days. Are you ready for Christmas?
As you know, the star of my decorations is that pom pom aluminum tree. It is so beautiful. I always get it out first, and love to gaze on it whenever I'm in the room. The ornaments belonged to Travis' grandma Betty. How perfect is it that they are our wedding colors? The Santa cookie jar with the red top was her's too. She gave it to Travis when she moved into her apartment because he always loved it.
My kitschmas wreath made it another year! I want to make another one, I have all the stuff, I just need a little time!
And sweet Phyllis posing. We had to start keeping an afghan on the couch all the time because the pugs wouldn't stop LICKING it. So annoying!
I have one more gift to wrap and I'm done!
I've been listening to lots of Christmas records this year. I have been hoping to find this record in the wild for a few years but finally gave up and bought a 2011 reprint online. It is the Phil Spector Christmas album and it is amazing. So many of the tracks are classics that play everywhere this time of year. And there is the ceramic tree I found last year and cleaned up. It was almost all brown when I found it!
Some of my favorite records to listen too. The Beach Boys Christmas album is my favorite Christmas album of all time! I got the Muppets out to listen to Christmas morning with Travis, it is our tradition.
Hank is loving all the holiday cheer.
I love the trees on top of the window. I think I said that in a previous post but I can't get over it! It is so cute!
Here is the photo someone on facebook sent me of their grandparent's house (if you're reading this tell me who you are and I'll give you credit! I LOVE it!) See the trees?
That present garland is one of my favorite decorations too. I got it at the Goodwill outlet, after untangling it from a huge modern pine needle garland. It's little presents wrapped in calico looking fabric and curling ribbon.
I jazzed up the side tables with our Santa cookie jars.
And one more Phyllis.


  1. This is not at all christmas related, but my doggies lick the couch 24/7. It's so weird. I was thinking maybe it was the protectant that's one the couches to avoid stains but I have no idea.

    Also, I highly recommend the james brown Christmas album. Jamie heard it over at Nettie's at friends giving and bought it. It's great and randomly has "say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud" on it... How festive!

  2. Looking mighty festive. I so get the attraction of the aluminum tree...I could gaze at mine all the time as well. That shiny just sucks me in.
    happy holidays!

  3. Oh its lovely! I adore all that christmas kitsch my collection pales in comparison to yours though

    retro rover

  4. I want to go all out like this one year for Halloween and Christmas. I love it! I also really like how you have your records stored. We need something like that.


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