Monday, December 15, 2014

Life Lately: Christmas Edition!

Christmas is coming! And I've been trying to really enjoy the season this year. We went to our local Oddities shop, Hail, and got our photo with Satan Claws! I love these photos!
We have tickets to Hail's Dark Arts Holiday Masquerade Ball later this week. I bought a black velvet dress and I'm really excited for it. I hope it is fun!
A local brewery did a screening of Christmas Vacation with unlimited beer. So of course Travis had to go. That is his favorite movie of all time and he watches it all year long.
Here he is, legitimately stoked. It was so fun! The best part was at the end when the sewer gas makes the reindeer fly through the air and Aunt Bethany starts singing the star spangled banner, everyone in the audience sang along. What a great night.
We took the pugs to see Santa at Petsmart. Santa and Priscilla both had a hard time looking at the camera. Ho ho ho!
We went to my parents house and decorated cookies for them to take to their neighbors. I need to make some this week to take to my work's Secret Santa party.
I got my decorating done last week and I love it this year! I'll try to take some real photos later this week. It is such a bummer that it gets dark so early. I work in the mornings and it is always dark when I get home.
I'm in a vintage kitschmas group on facebook and someone mentioned their grandparents had window boxes like mine and always put bottle brush trees up on top. I will do that forever now. How cute!
Monster Christmas Mash is just as awful/great as you think it will be.
Got two movies I've been waiting on in the mail. I'm sure you saw Guardians of the Galaxy, but did you see Frank? It is so good. If you like weird movies you'll be into it. Michael Fassbender is incredible in it.
I was going to do a day in the life type post but I forgot most of the day and just took pictures when we went out to lunch. Here is a portrait of Travis at Happy Cow.
I got the nachos! I ALWAYS get the nachos. They are so good I just can't take a chance on anything else. I've never had better vegan queso.
And we had some chocolate almond pie. Mmmmm.
We went to an art crawl in downtown Nashville, but mostly just ended up walking around with our friends. Apparently this area is getting turned into a luxury hotel, so this might be our last photo with the nude karaoke sign.
I met a mini poodle named Bowie! It made me want a tiny poodle even more! Gosh he was cute, and sweet! And sassy.
Here is Phyllis and I in the backyard watching Travis burn junk mail. Hope you're having a good holiday season! I have one more present to buy then I'm done!


  1. OMG! Phyllis's face in that last pic is so cute it's crazy!
    Dang that chocolate almond pie looks good! Though, it looks like "cake" to me. Pie, Cake...of course it's all good.
    Erica :)

    1. her face kills me daily. so precious.

      and uuuuhhhh yeah that is cake. haha, i don't know why i put pie! oops!

  2. its so nice to see the puggy wuggys!

  3. WHAT!! I want there to be a Satan Claws here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. i saw a shop in baltimore was doing photos with krampus! so awesome!

  4. Your home looks beautiful with all your vintage Christmas decorations. Happy Holidays!

  5. Im so jealous about the Hail ball...I wish the venue was accessible and that Jamie didn't have to go in the next day at 3 AM! UGH! I can't wait to see all the pics!

  6. love your decorations. I need to see if I can find that fb group or is it just a local thing?

    1. it's not local. it's just people posting cool kistchy christmas stuff! its called merry kistchmas. it is the nicest group i've ever been in!

  7. I LOVE the vegan nachos at Happy Cow and the queso..Miss that place!!

  8. Merry Christmas dude. Looks like you had a wonderful time and I know you would have watched the Pee Wee Herman Christmas Special at least once. :)


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