Friday, March 6, 2015

February Flea Finds

The cold weather kept lots of the regular vendors away, but I still got some great stuff at the flea market this past month. Check it out:
I LOVE carnival chalkware and I couldn't resist this guy. I don't know if it was the clumpy glitter, or the fireplace in my two favorite colors. The woman who sold it to me asked if I knew what it was, and when I said yes asked me if I knew what a carny was. Haha! She said she considers herself a carny because she travels around selling weird stuff to people.
I wasn't really on the lookout for bunnies, but came home with three. Two dream pets and that little Gund cutie.
A small pile of photos as usual. My favorite is probably that one in the bottom middle.
Zoom in: it's a lady holding a tiny monkey!And look at her purse, is that a coconut?
Wooden animal brooches like these are some of my favorites and I haven't seen any in a while. Look at this cute donkey! I love that coy eye.
I was on the lookout for sometime Trek related and since that lunchbox was $1,000 I settled on a pack of original series trading cards for a buck. The first one I saw when I opened it was Spock with the harp. Score!
And lost but not least this beautiful vinyl basket. It was perfect for shopping at the fee, and the pattern is so cute!


  1. The basket is lovely and the wee brooch is a sweetie.

  2. love the basket and the brooch. We have an indoor flea market here on Fridays only. I found one thing the first time I went. everything else I like was so expensive

  3. Such super fun finds!! And thanks bunches for popping by our blog! Happy to have yours to read now! xo


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