Monday, March 2, 2015

Rest In Peace Leonard Nimoy

If you've been around me any time at all you will know about my undying love of Spock from Star Trek. I was heartbroken to hear the news that Leonard Nimoy passed away last Friday. Several friends texted me when they heard and I spent the morning listening to him sing music from outer space. (Someone is trying to sell that record on ebay for $750! People are the worst.)
I've seen a few sweet tributes to him around the web, I especially liked Katherine's post with her pugs all dressed in their science officer uniforms and Jes' post about his photography and view on large bodies. And I can't forget the interview Zachary Quinto did with Entertainment Weekly. 
My best friend Crystal texted me and suggested that I make a back patch as a tribute so I went to her house and made this:
I love how it turned out! I didn't get it sewed quite flat enough on my jacket, but I'll pull it up and redo it later. I made with with just a few layers or felt and some embroidered stars. I haven't really done anything crafty in a long time. It felt good. I've been wearing it the past few days and talking to lots of people about our love of Spock.
Leonard Nimoy was an incredible human being, and originated my favorite character in all of fiction. If you need me I'll be working my way through Star Trek, the original series again.

"Loss of life is to be mourned, but only if the life was wasted." - Spock


  1. A few years ago at mckays I bought his book of love poems called "warmed by love". I gave it to a friend and wish that I had another copy to give you

  2. Awesome tribute to the multi-talented Leonard Nimoy.

  3. Great tribute! As you know I'm a bit of trekker, the term for more serious as in obsessed trekkies. Leoonard Nimoy was a fascinating and kind person. Im very jealous you have that record, I've always wanted it. My father had a Shatner record but it somehow got lost

    retro rover

  4. I am still in shock. Such a wonderful way to honour him.


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