Sunday, March 1, 2015

Estate Sale Report

I haven't been going to many estate sales this year. I'm trying not to buy so much and sometimes at estate sales you buy stuff just because it is awesome and CHEAP. But recently there were two within walking distance of our house, so I had to check them out. One was family run and really weird and in just one room.
This one was better. I love that screened in porch. I wish we had one of those. Our cats would love it!
The best part was the upstairs. That wallpaper! So busy and kind of crazy in a little room with slanted ceilings. I love that mushroom wall hanging, but they wanted 50 bucks for it! Ah! That flower thing on the wall is gravel art!
That desert hook rug is awesome too! Too bad it was so expensive.
Another view. There were three rooms upstairs and they all had different patterned wallpaper. The stairs were so steep too! A lady behind me asked her daughter if it was worth the trip up and when she got to the top of the steps and saw that pile of books she was like "Oh YES it is!" Haha, so weird. They were just random paperbacks.
Except this sweet one: 

I was really tempted by this thing. Tree pods and google eyes and pipe cleaners? Maybe I should have brought it home after all....
I also thought about these. Thin plastic house shoes could come in handy!
I love these kinds of storm doors with the filigree and letters. I would love one for our front door. Or a metal gate in the same style for our back yard fence. And yes that sign does say all clothing 10 for $1! There was actually a good bit of vintage clothes, but they were all SO tiny. The teeniest girdle I've ever seen.
I didn't bring home much. Just these chicken pot holders and a little pill box.
I like little souviners like this. And it is perfect size to tuck into my lunchbox with vitamins.


  1. My granny had a front door on her old farm house just like that one. It was so noisy! I loved it

  2. That wallpaper is lovely! That is exactly the kind of thing that I think too many many vintage enthusiasts forget makes a house look old-timey. I saw so many great screen doors in WV that I would have loved to bring home with me; that one is a pip! But at 10-pieces for $1.00, you just might need to go into the vintage clothing business!

  3. That clothing deal would have killed Jerome. I can see myself trying to sneak a hundred things into the closet like a shady lady, haha! I can also see myself never wearing any of it in my usual fashion.

  4. I was at that sale with the wallpaper when it opened...we were trying to get the Pyrex but the first lady in line wanted it and we were like, 5th. I nabbed some vintage clothes and a few things fit but some are definitely too small and were wishful thinking on my part! Great stuff in that sale. It reminded me of what a really good neighborhood that is...we liked living over there.

  5. super cute stuff and that wall paper is pretty awesome I never could have resisted that book

    retro rover

  6. Two things caught my eye - the latch hook hangings, I used to make those and actually hung them up!

    The initial door - we used to have one of those at home - a lot of houses did!! They are sure a thing of the past now..

    I don't buy much anymore either - really, how much do we need?


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