Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Future Home of Funtown Mountain!

On our way home from Louisville we had to make a quick pit stop in Cave City, Kentucky. Cave City is home to such wonders as Dinosaur World, WigWam Village, and the Kentucky Wildlife Museum. It is a mecca for those of us who live for roadside attractions. This summer Funtown Mountain is going to open where Guntown Mountain used to be and I can't wait! The man behind Funtown Moutain is the genius behind Why Louisville, that amazing store I've posted about many times, and Lebowski fest. I really think it is going to be something special!
Right now there isn't much going on, but I've always meant to stop and check out the haunted hotel.
There is this weird Ouija booth. If you peek in you can see a table with a candle and fancy table cloth.
Abandoned tractors and bumper boats.
Cutest peeling snack bar.
I loved how those layers of peeling paint looked.

Can't get enough. That hand lettered sign! The unnecessary quotes!
I don't remember how it started, but the boys were posing and trying to outdo each other with how high they could get their leg. It was KILLING ME. Crystal posted a video of this on her instagram and I'm cackling in the background the whole time. I don't think I'll post a link...hah!
It was the perfect little stop. And speaking of perfect, look at these perfect vegan cupcakes from the Louisville Whole Foods! They put the ones at the Nashville Whole Foods to shame! Gorgeous!


  1. AGHH your friends and you are soo cute!! what a mysterious place. that peely snack bar with the unneccessary quotes is sooo cool looking. i love little road trip photoshoots at strange spots like this!!! looks like y'all are having a blast!!

    xoxox, Naomi |

  2. We have none of this in the UK we're really missing a trick. I could absolutely see you and your friends setting up and running a sleek roadside attraction, one that's super quirky but a total destination attraction.

  3. I can't wait to visit Funtown Mountain. I'm already trying to plan my visit this June.

  4. Looks like such a rad place. Kinda creepy cute in a way.


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