Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nashville Flea: April

The weather has been beautiful lately so the flea market was packed with vendors and shoppers this past weekend! I wasn't sure how I would feel about shopping at the flea since we've been working on our big clean out, but I still loved looking at everything and taking photos. Here is what I saw: 
No more games until we go through our huge collection. Tempted by that Casper game.....
I took this for the chalk dog (always drawn to those things) but then I noticed the flower frog. Does that really say one dollar? Dangit I should have gotten it!
I think these Kokeshi picks might haunt me.  I have a collection of big ones but wasn't sure how I'd display these little ones. I've never seen any like them!
The cutest cottage cheese containers! The bunny one is a mask!
I thought about getting one of those Mr. Mugs buttons.
Look at the bullets on that frame!
I love this one too!
This guy had about four good things in his booth and they all had sold stickers. I think they were just props. And look at these poison peanuts. I bet that didn't catch on, seems a little dangerous.
Rocky and E.T. Power couple.
I don't like to leave any knee huggers behind, but this guy was in really bad shape. Sorry little guy!
teeny stuffed goat!
I saw this geisha paint by number sometime last year and regretted not buying it. Travis talked me out of it again. It is kind of sloppily done but I love how it looks!
Here is our main purchase. It's a cooler! Isn't it cute? I'm excited to use it all summer.
The only other things we bought were three souviner plates. I still had fun, even though I'm not buying as much. I can't wait for next month!
We went for veggie dogs at the Dog of Nashville. Those handcut fries! That cute dude!
Because of my new position at work I'm supposed to get weekends off. This is the first weekend it happened and I loved it. I hope it lasts, at least for a little while!


  1. YARGH! I should have tagged along with you this month because I would have bought that Mr. Mugs button! I love it!

  2. I would have brought those Easter dixie cups home with me. Looks like a good day for the flea...

    1. i thought of you when i saw them! don't you have the bunny mask one?

  3. Oops... I definitely thought his shirt said "Fart Wolf" in the first pic. ;)

    1. That is the funniest thing I've read in a long, long time.

  4. Love your flea market Ours is only opened on Fridays and everything is more than I can afford. I thought fleas were suppose to be cheaper than eBay. Not competitive with it

    1. After going to a few in other places I learned that ours really is good. There is a LOT of cheap stuff there. some of the dealers have antique store like prices, but lots are rock bottom.

  5. Those chalkware cat faces! Oh man. I need to stop looking at your flea posts because I always want like 500 things in your pictures!

  6. 'Dead People's Things' hahaha very blunt name and to the point! Love it. I think the old black and white pictures are so fun to look at. And I just got really hungry looking at all that delicious food haha think I'm gonna go make myself some lunch now!! Love your blog.

  7. I have a collection of kokeshi dolls too, but I've never seen those little picks either! I am dying over the cottage cheese cups!!


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