Monday, June 29, 2015

Funtown Mountain: Grand Awesoming!

I have been stoked about the "Grand Awesoming" of Funtown Mountain since I heard about it a few months ago. The guy who owns one of my favorite stores, Why Louisville, and runs Lebowskifest bought a rundown Western theme park in Cave City and is giving it a makeover. This is just the first phase of many, I can't wait until it's done! Opening day had scattered storms which put a damper on things (pun intended?) but Crystal, Marc and I had a great time! Sadly, Travis had to work and couldn't be there.
Greeted by an animatronic band. Love it.
Always the cutest window displays.
In the gift shop there was a whole random section with shelves full of cool weird vintage and modern stuff. There were so many things I wanted! Like this wind up elephant.
I was so close to buying this big chalkware dog! They had a whole chalk carnival prize section! I'm a sucker for those. I have a little collection you can see here.
Seriously, just cute stuff everywhere. The guy that owns this place has very similar taste to me. I would love to see his house!
They have their own take on the "old fashioned photo" here, and just five bucks! You dress yourself up and the photo is taken in photobooth on a Mac and printed out for you! Isn't that a great idea? We did one of these before in Gatlinburg and I think it was something like $35 bucks!
Crystal was in love with this tiny dress and I couldn't stop laughing. It is so perfect and short! And the hat! I couldn't find much that fit me, so I went funeral chic. I ended up liking it.
Love it! Even if the frame isn't the right way, haha!
We ran out to get shaved iced between rain showers. Shaved ice/sno balls must be popular right now because trucks/stands are everywhere! I don't think I've had shaved ice in years, but I've probably had it 5 times in the past few weeks! Marc got tiger blood at my suggestion (it is my fav!), Crystal and I couldn't resist the butter beer flavor. It was pretty good!
I'll be back to share the rest of our adventure with you!


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