Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer fun

Do you have your underground pool network in place for the summer? I do! Your UPN is all the pools you know you can go to when you want/need to swim. I've got four right now, plus the lake so I'm determined to swim at least once a week until it gets too cold! One of our favorite's is at a subdivision in Bellevue. The pool is so nice and has a separate adults only pool. Awesome!
I'm really enjoying my waterproof camera! I promise I won't post photos of every pool trip I made this summer, haha!
Travis and I are all about sun hats. I can't believe I resisted so long! I'm hoping to go all summer without a bad sun burn.
This day was PERFECT. It was hot and sunny with beautiful blue skies. We floated around for more than three hours laughing.
On the adult side most people are just laying out, so we almost had the actual pool to ourselves.
Bobbie's Dairy Dip is a fun summer dinner spot. It makes me feel like I'm on vacation.
I really wish there was somewhere to get a vegan dip cone! I really miss those.
I want that poster.

I got a veggie burger that was really burnt. Ah well. The fries were gooooood.
Crystal and Marc got frozen bananas! Don't those look good!
We shared a chunk of frozen pineapple. It was good!

We had such a fun Sunday afternoon. I can't wait for our family vacation in July! We're going to Asheville with Crystal and Marc for a week. There will be lots of swimming hole times and tubing and maybe boating? Do not spend the summer dry!

Have you seen the stories about the new trending pose, sparrow face? It is really funny and we've been trying to perfect it. You open your eyes wide and let your mouth hang open like a baby bird. So cute, right? Ha!


  1. UPN sounds awesome. I can't go to NYC pools anymore because Im not a resident sigh. Jersey city doenst have any outdoor public pools

    retro rover

  2. 2 things. 1. I need a UPN. I love Ryan's pool but there are a shit ton of stairs...but one seems to go to it so I'll make Jamie haul me up them. I am gonna find a few others this summer. 2. Sparrow face is horrifying. How have I never heard about it ???

  3. Swimmin' ain't a privilege, it's a right!

  4. Bobbie's Dairy Dip looks like a fantastic place!!

  5. I have a couple but need some more, it's hot as balls down here! :D Love your summer fun shots, we've been making good on doing the same when it's not raining.


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