Friday, June 12, 2015

Vintage car show in Nashville!

Nashville had its first big vintage weekender (that I've heard about anyway) back in May. It is called Nashville Boogie! I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy tickets as they were kind of expensive and I don't dress vintage (I wish!) but I think I'll go next year! We stopped by on Saturday for the vintage car show and it was so fun! I was craning my neck to see into the main room where they had the rockabilly bands and the pin up contest!
I'm not really into cars, but it was fun looking at all these vintage beauties.
Pretty pin striped details.
Look at the kitty face!

And this Tiki!

Gosh there were so many beautiful ones. Wouldn't it be cool if vintage cars drove like modern ones? Or I just need a friend who will drive me around in one whenever I want.
Look at those red windows!
So many cute details.
The Munster mobile was there! Eddie Munster was too.
The main reason we went was to support our best friends Crystal and Marc who were vending. Did I mention she is working on Olivia Frankenstein full time starting at the beginning of this year? I'm so proud of her! And I'm in love with their Nashville monster shirts. I wear one almost every day (is that too lame? haha)
The vendor area wasn't as big as I'd hoped. Maybe next year!
I finally found a charm bracelet! I've wanted one forever but never found one I liked. This one is so cute and full of clovers, wish bones, horse shoes and pennies. I love it!
We had a great time at the car show, I can't wait to go back for the whole event next year!


  1. So fun! I'm so proud of crystal doing OF full time! That's the dream. I love my Nashville creature shirt, and may end up getting the jaws one!!! Also, have you ever been to lane auto museum? I'm not really into cars either but it's super fun...and never busy! I love old cars even though I know nothing about them. Jamies dad and papaw have some amazing vintage cars. I'm kind of in love with his euro Mini Cooper from the 70s with a big Union Jack

    1. no i haven't, i think you've told me about it before. i need to go!

  2. Always fun to look at those old cars!!!

    Nice you finally found a bracelet you like - so cute!!

  3. The vendor area upstairs was bigger--did you go up there? I think the Boogie was good for it's first year...I'm not sure we will do the whole thing again next year but the car show/vendors, for sure!

  4. I love the pink one
    Retro rover


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