Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Grand Old Golf

I drive past Grand Old Golf a few times a week when I go to visit my best friend Crystal in East Nashville. It is located on Music Valley Drive, in a sad little tourist area near the Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry. I assumed it would be kinda sad and run down too, but it is great!
A few weeks ago we were having dinner with Crystal and Marc and the weather was so beautiful it seemed a shame to not take advantage of it and do something outside. Grand Old Golf to the rescue!
There are three courses. Two 18 hole, and one challenge 9 hole. I want to do the challenge course next time. It was really busy while we were there. Probably because it was a beautiful Saturday night. The group of teenage boys behind us were all up in our space the whole time!
See those camo crocs to the right? That isn't one of my friends, that is some random kid standing there watching us, waiting for his turn. It was pretty annoying. Step off dude! We weren't going slow, there was a large group right in front of us. It was still really fun though.
There was a hole on the second floor of that building. The ball started there and went through several tubes and ended up behind the building. It was hard to keep up with!
The course didn't have cute giant mythical creatures, but it made up for it with fun holes. Like this one where you had to hop the ball over the water. Ah! See the little purple guy flying?
This one you had to get around those rocks, but there was no lip to keep your ball out of that water. Which was at the top of a waterfall! If your ball went in there, it was gone!
We played into the night and had a great time. We'll be back for sure!
And bonus! There is a sno cone place connected! Yum!
I had tiger blood, my favorite!

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  1. so fun! Jamie revealed to me while we were in myrtle beach that he won a trophy for mini golf when he was younger (or maybe it was his mom...either way...he is from a long lineage of good mini golfers). Since then I have been waiting for a not blazing day to go seek out a course.


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