Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flea Finds: June

Here is what we brought home from the June Flea!
Crystal got me this Spock 8x10. Isn't he handsome? I already have it framed on my wall. And like I said before, Neil Diamond is really speaking to me this summer. Sing it out, sing it strong!
When the vendor said the price of this little vinyl tiger was just two bucks I knew it was coming home with me.
We're working on filling our little hall with souviner plates and one vendor had a big stack, three for a dollar! Here are my two favorites. I love the ones with kitschy attractions. Marineland and Cypress Gardens! These cleaned up perfectly once I got them home.
So cute! Another Marineland.
My friend John had a little packet of vintage pictures that he sold me. They were all good! My favorite is that dog in the party hat! I didn't take a photo for some reason, but that woman on the right is standing on a broom with a funnel on her head. Wicked witch realness!
A great month at the flea!


  1. Fun finds!!! That tiger is so great. Sadly, both Marine Land and Lion Country Safari are long gone...I think that just makes the plate even more special!


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